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How Greeks Abroad Voted in the Elections: Final Results

Greeks abroad elections
In all countries where polls took place, ND came first with the exception of Spain, Portugal and Sweden. Credit: Ministry of Interior

Greeks living abroad who voted in the parliamentary elections on Saturday mirrored the choice of their compatriots in Greece as far as the first two parties are concerned.

These were the first elections in which Greeks living abroad could exercise their right to vote from their place of residence, provided they met the criteria in the relevant legislation.

According to the final results provided by the Ministry of Interior, the difference between conservative New Democracy (ND) and leftist SYRIZA is 23.58%, with the two parties collecting 42.62% and 19.04% respectively.

The difference between the two largest parties is slightly larger than the vote in Greece where ND received 40.79% and SYRIZA 20.07%.

ND of PM Kyriakos Mitsotakis achieved more than 50% of the votes in 8 countries: USA, Canada, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania and Lithuania.

In all countries where polls took place, ND came first with the exception of Spain, Portugal and Sweden.

The biggest surprise of the vote of Greeks living abroad was Yanis Varoufakis’ MERA25 with 11.07%. In Greece, MERA 25 failed to achieve the 3% threshold to be represented in Parliament.

It was followed by the Communist Party KKE at 10.73% and socialist PASOK at 6.72%.

Election results by country


ND 62.21%

SYRIZA 11.56%

MERA25 6.64%

PASOK 6.23%


ND 50.34%

SYRIZA 19.31%

PASOK 9.66%

KKE 8.97%.


ND 54.40%

MERA25 15.20%

KKE 9.60%

SYRIZA received 6.40%.

South Korea

ND 32%



MERA25 16%.

South Africa

ND 49.09%

KKE 10.91%

PASOK 9.09%

SYRIZA 7.27%.

Saudi Arabia

ND 70%

PASOK 12.50%

SYRIZA 7.50%

MERA25 5%.


ND 46.30%

SYRIZA 29.63%

KKE 9.26%

PASOK 5.56%.


ND 57.89%

SYRIZA 15.79%

KKE 12.28%

PASOK 5.26%.


ND 41.64%

SYRIZA 18.77%

MERA25 14.68%

KKE 11.6%.


ND 37.18%

SYRIZA 22.82%

KKE 13.72%

MERA25 11.67%.


ND 39.24%

SYRIZA 18.14%

MERA25 13.92%

KKE 13.08%.


ND 46.91%

SYRIZA 13.40%

KKE 12.25%

MERA25 11.20%.

Czech Republic

ND 35.88%

SYRIZA 23.66%

MERA25 13.74%

KKE 8.40%.


ND 51.61%

SYRIZA 20.97%

KKE 6.45%

PASOK 6.45%.


ND 56.20%

SYRIZA 15.70%

KKE 7.44%

National Creation 6.61%.


ND 45.71%

KKE 14.29%

SYRIZA 11.43%

PASOK 11.43%.


ND 46.94%

SYRIZA 11.22%

National Creation 11.22%

MERA25 9.18%.


ND 51.89%

SYRIZA 20.75%

KKE 11.32%

MERA25 9.43%.


ND 36.87%

SYRIZA 19.54%

KKE 14.81%

MERA25 11.41%.

The Netherlands

ND 27.97%

SYRIZA 26.77%

MERA25 18.81%

KKE 10.42%.


ND 46.68%

SYRIZA 19.69%

PASOK 9.41%

KKE 8.24%.


ND 47.46%


MERA25 10.48%

KKE 10.07%.


ND 30%


KKE 14.67%

MERA25 11.33%.


ND 26.92%

SYRIZA 23.08%

KKE 14.42%

MERA25 11.54%.


ND 38.36%

MERA25 17.81%

SYRIZA 15.07%

National Creation 6.85%.


SYRIZA 30.30%

ND 27.78%

MERA25 15.91%

KKE 9.09%.


SYRIZA 26.56%

ND 24.36%

MERA25 17.77%

KKE 15.93%.

Critics point out that the Greek diaspora was mostly absent from the parliamentary elections, as only 22,816 out of millions of Greeks residing all over the world were entitled to vote.

This is seen as a fiasco for the political parties in Greece, who turned their backs on the diaspora with a new law discouraging Greeks abroad from registering by putting bureaucratic obstacles in their way.

Greek officials had previously estimated that some 300,000 citizens living outside the country wanted to have a say in the next election.

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