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Why Greeks Celebrate Name Days: An Orthodox Tradition

Greek name days
Greek names are given on the day of one’s baptism. Credit: Makis Syranidis

Celebrating Greek name days is an Orthodox tradition observed throughout Greece. Greeks celebrate each year the feast day of the Christian saint, holy person, or martyr they are named after.

Equivalent to the Catholic practice of celebrating Saint’s Days, the Greek name day celebrations are much more elaborate and historically took the place of celebrating of one’s birthday.

According to the Orthodox Calendar, each Greek name day of the year is dedicated to the memory of a saint or martyr; and there are usually more than one on the same day.

Each saint or holy person has their own feast day. On that day, Orthodox people all across the world celebrate their name day with great enthusiasm.

For instance, on January 7, the Greek Orthodox Church commemorates John the Baptist (Ioannis o Vaptistis).

Floating Greek name days at Lent and Pascha

So, on Januarly 7 each year, every Greek person named Ioannis or Ioanna (John or Johanna) and all its many derivatives (Yannis, Yanna etc) celebrate on this day.

The vast majority of Greek names, both male and female, are celebrated on the same day every year.

However, there are are a few, called floating name days, or movable days. These dates are associated with Easter.

Specifically, since the 40 days before Easter are days of grief for the passions of Christ, no one celebrates during this time period.

The most common floating Greek name days are those associated with Easter, namely Anastasios and Anastasia and Agios Georgios (Saint George).

Anastasios and Anastasia (coming from the word Anastasis, meaning Resurrection) celebrate their Greek name days on Easter Sunday, the greatest Christian feast day.

Georgios and Georgia celebrate their name day on April 23, but only if the particular date on that given year is after Easter. If not, their name day is celebrated on the Tuesday after Easter Sunday.

The Greek name day for Maria (the Virgin Mary) can be celebrated on August 15th or November 21st –  either on the day of her Dormition, or the Annunciation.

In this case, most people tend to choose which date they want to celebrate their name day; however, local traditions and customs can determine the day one celebrates.

The most common name for Greek men is Yannis and the most common name for women is Maria.

Greeks humorously say that on January 7 half of Greece is celebrating, and the other half is celebrating on August 15.

Name days vs. birthdays

Name days in the Orthodox world are celebrated more than birthdays, unlike in all other western countries.

Yet, name days are celebrated like birthdays, albeit without the cake and the blowing out of the candles on the cake.

The first thing Greeks do is telephone the person whose name day is being celebrated and and wish him or her “Hronia Polla,” which means “May you live for many years.”

Other wishes on the big day are for good health and prosperity. The person celebrating their Greek name day will tell the caller whether he will accept visits at home that day or the celebrations will take place somewhere else.

On someone’s Greek name day, there is an open house held and a feast is laid on for everyone who wants to come. Friends or relatives usually visit, even without an invitation.

Food and drinks are plenty, and there is music and dancing, much like a birthday party. Some prefer to celebrate their name day in a tavern or bar and invite people there.

Bringing a gift to a person celebrating their Greek name day is mandatory. It can be sweets, flowers (to a woman), a bottle of liquor, a book, a CD or something more personal.

In the past four decades or so, however, Greeks have tended to celebrate their birthday just like they do in most western countries, putting the name day aside.

Today, most young people tend to shun the  name day celebration, exchanging it for birthday festivities.

However, the older generations of Greeks and those living in rural areas usually do not celebrate birthdays at all, as they are not part of Greek Orthodox tradition, and maintain the name day feast.

Cities and villages have their name day, too!

While cities and villages in Greece are not named like people, many of them celebrate their name day as well.

Many cities and villages have a patron saint, therefore on the feast of that particular saint, residents celebrate the name day of their hometown.

Thessaloniki, for instance, has Hagios Demetrius (or Hagios Demetrios) as its patron saint. Demetrius was a Christian martyr of the the 4th century AD.

The feast of Hagios Demetrios is on October 26. On that day, the whole city celebrates with special events, concerts, and other public and private festivities.

Likewise, Patras has Hagios Andreas (Saint Andrew) as its patron saint and celebrates on November 30 each year.

Other much-celebrated patron saints and holy persons connected to a city are the Virgin Mary (Tinos island), Hagios Dionysios (Kefalonia island), Hagios Spyridon (Corfu) and so on.

In cities, the cathedral is dedicated to the patron saint of the area. Villages and small communities consider the holy person to whom their church is dedicated as their own patron saint.

In cities and towns that have a patron saint, many inhabitants name their children after them. For example, the name Andreas is common in Patras as well as Spyridon in Corfu.

Name days throughout the year

Below is a comprehensive list of Orthodox feast days and the corresponding Greek name days for the whole year.


EMMELEIA (Amy, Emeleia – Mother of Saint Vasileios)

TELEMAHOS (Tilemahos, Telemachos, Telemachus)

VASILIKI (Vasiliki, Vivian, Vaso, Vivi, Vicky, Viki, Koula)1
VASILIS (Vasilis, Vassilis, Basil, Bill)1
SERAPHIM (4) (Serafeim, Serafim)2
SILVESTROS (Sylvestros, Sylvester, Sylvestor)2
Juliana the Righteous


GENOVEFA (Genovefa, Jenevieve, Genevieve, Genoveva)


SYGLITIKI (Syncletica, Siglitiki)5
THEONI (Theoni)5
THEOPEMPTOS (Theopemptos)5
FANI (1) (Phani, Fenia, Fania, Fanoula)6
FOTIKA (Fotika, Photika, Fotiko, Photiko, Fota, Photo)6
JORDAN (Iordanis)6
OURANIA (2) (Ourania, Urania, Rania)6
PERISTERA (Peristera)6
PHOTINI (1) (Fotine, Fotini, Foto, Fotoula, Fay)6
PHOTIS (1) (Fotis, Fotios)6
THEOFANIS (1) (Theofania, Theofanis, Fanis)6
THEOPOULA (Theopoula, Theopi)6
GIANNA (Yanna, Gianna)7
GIANNIS (Yannis, Giannis, Yannos, Giannos, Yangos)7
JEANNETTE (Jeannette, Jean, Zannetos)7
JOHN (Ioanna, Ioannis, Ivana, Vana, Vanna)7
PRODROMOS (Prodromos)7
AGATHON (Agathon)8
DOMNICA (Dominika, Dominiki)8
KELSIOS (Kelsios)8
PARTHENA (Parthena)8
VASILISSA (Vasilissa, Vasilisa, Basilissa)8
Efstratios (Evstratios, Stratos)9
THEODOSIOS (1) (Theodosios, Theodosis)11
MERTIOS (Mertios)12
TATIANA (Tatiane, Tatiani)12
ERMILOS (Ermillos, Ermili)13
NINA (Nina, Ninas)14
No Name Day15
No Name Day16
ANTHONY (Antonia, Antonios, Antonis, Andonis, Anthony, Tony, Tonia)17
ATHANASIOS (Athanasios, Thanasis)18
CYRILLOS (Kyrillos)18
THEODOULA (Theodoula, Theodouli)18
EFRASIA (Efrasia)19
MAKARIOS (Makarios)19
EFTHIMIOS (Evthymios, Thymios, Efthimios, Thimios)20
FABIANOS (Favianos)20
THYRSI (Thyrsi)20
Agnes (Agne, Agni)

LEMONIA (Lemonia)

EVGENIOS (1) (Efgenios, Eugenios, Evyenous, Evyeni, Eugine)21
MAXIMOS (1) (Maximos, Massimos)21
NEOPHYTOS (Neofytos)21
PATROKLOS (Patroklos)21
ANASTASIOS (2) (Anastasios, Tassos, Tasos, etc)22
TIMOTHY (1) (Timotheos, Timothy)22
AGATHANGELOS (Agathangelos, Agathagellos)23
DIONISIS (4) (Dionysius, Dionysis, Dionisos, Dionysios, Dionysos, Nionios, Denis, Dennis, Denise, Sissy)23
FILON (Philon)24
XENI (Xenis, Xeni, Xenia)

Zosimas (Zosimus)

GREGORY (1) (Grigoris, Grigorios, Gregory, Gregorios, Gregoris, Golis, Gregor)25
MARGARET (2) (Margarita)25
XENOFON (1) (Xenofontas, Xenia)26
HARIS (Haris)28
PALLADIOS (Paladios)28
VARSAMIA (Varsamo, Varsimaios, Valsamo, Valsamia, Valsamis)29
Basil (Saint Basil)
AVRA (Avra)30
CHRYSI (1) (Chrysi)30
MAVROS (Mavros, Mavreta)30
EVDOXIA (Evdoxia)31
KYROS (Kyros)31


BRIDGET (Brigit, Bridget, Brigid, Brigitta, Bridgit, Bride)1
FILIKITA (Filikitati, Filikita, Filikiti)1
TRYFON (Tryfonas, Tryfonia)1
IPAPANTI (Ypapante, Ypapanti)2
ASIMAKIS (1) (Asimakis)3
ASIMINA (1) (Asimina)3
SIMEON (1) (Simeon)3
STAMATIA (1) (Stamatia, Matoula, Mato, Stamela, Stamatina, Stamata, Matina, Mata)3
STAMATIS (1) (Stamatis, Stamos)3
IASIMOS (Iasimos)4
ISIDOROS (1) (Isidoros)4
AGATHI (Agathe, Agathi, Agatha)5
PHOTIS (2) (Fotis, Fotios)6
PARTHENIS (Parthenios, Parthenis)7
ZAHARIAS (1) (Zachariah, Zechariah, Zacaria, Zacarias, Zacary, Zacharia, Zacharias, Zacharie, Zachary, Zachery, Zackerias, Zack, Zakarias, Zeke, Zaharias, Zacharoula, Zacharenia, Zaki, Zakis)8
MARKELOS (1) (Markelos)9
NIKIFOROS (2) (Nikiforos)9
PAGRATIOS (1) (Pagratios, Pagratia)9
HARALAMBIA (Hara, Haralambia, Haralampia, Lambia,Lampia, Lambo, Lampo, Bambina, Bilio, Mpilio, Hambi, Hampi)10
HARALAMBOS (Haralambos, Haralampos, Haralampous)10
HARIKLIA (2) (Hariklia, Haroula)10
HARILAOS (Harilaos, Haris)10
AVGI (Avgi)11
THEODORA (1) (Thodora, Theodora)11
VLASSIS (Vlassis)11
MELETIOS (1) (Meletios, Meletis)12
PLOTINOS (Plotinos)12
PRISCILLA (Priscilla)13
Chloe *

VALENTINI (Valentina, Valentine, Valentini, Valentinos, Dina, Dinos)

EFSEVIOS (2) (Evsevios, Evsevia, Efsevios, Sevi)15
Meat Fare Thursday16
PAMFILLIE (Pamfili)16
PAMFILLOS (Pamfylos)16
SELEFKOS (Selefkos)16
THEODOROS (2) (Thodoris, Theodore, Teo, Theodoros, Thodora, Theodora)17
AGAPITOS (Agapitos)18
LEON (Leon)

Saturday of Souls

FILOTHEI (Philothei)19
(no widely known nameday)21
ANTHOUSA (Anthousa)22
THALASSIOS (Thalassios, Thalasia, Thalasini)22
POLYCHRONIS (2) (Polychronios)23
POLYKARPOS (Polykarpos)23
(no nameday)24
RIGINOS (Riginos, Rigina)


TARASIOS (Tarasios, Tarasis, Tarasius)25
TARSI (Tarso, Tarsi, Tarasia)25
ANATOLI (Anatoli)26
PHOTINI (3) (Fotine, Fotini, Foto, Fotoula, Fay)26
PORFIRIOS (Porfyros)26
SEBASTIANOS (1) (Sevastianos, Sebastian)26
ASKLIPIOS (Asklepios, Asklipios)27
NISIOS (Nisios)27
KYRA (Kyra, Kyratsa, Kyratso, Kyratsoula, Kyratsouda)28
MARIANNA (Mariana)28
CASIANOS (Cassianos, Kassianos, Casianos, Kasianos, Casos, Kasos)29


MARCH 2021

EVDOKIA (Evdokia)1
HARISIOS (Harisios)1
PARASHOS (Parashos)1
PARASKEVAS (Paraskevas, Paraskeuas)1
EFTHALIA (Evthalia)2
TROADIOS (Troadios)2
KLEONIKOS (Kleonikos)3
GERASIMOS (3) (Gerasimos, Yerasimos)4
ARHELAOS (Arhelaos)5
EVLOGIOS (Evlogios)5
KONON (Konon)5
ISYHIOS (Isyhios)6
EVGENIOS (2) (Efgenios, Eugenios, Evyenous, Evyeni, Eugine)7
HERMES (Hermis)8
THEOFYLAKTOS (Theofylaktos)8
AETIOS (Aetios, Aetos, Eagle)9
ELIANA (Eliana)9
FILOKTIMON (Filoktimon, Philoktimon)9
ILIANA (Iliana, Ilias)9
LYSIMAHOS (Lysimahos)9
SARANTOS (Sarantos, Sarantis)9
SEVIRIANOS (Sevirianos, Severiano)9
SMARAGDA (Smaragdenia, Smaro, Smaragda, Smara, Smaroula, Smaragdoula)9
SMARAGDOS (Smaragdos, Smaragdis, Smaragdenios, Smaris)9
VIVIANOS (Vivianos, Vivi, Vivian)9
XANTHOS (Xanthos, Xanhtoulis, Xanthoula, Xanthi)9
(no name day)10
SAVINA (Sabina, Sabena, Savina, Savena, Zabia, Zabina)11
SOFRONIOS (Sofron)11
THALIS (Thalis)

Theodora (Dora, Thodora)

FANI (2) (Phani, Fenia, Fania, Fanoula)12
THEOFANIS (2) (Theofania, Theofanis, Fanis)12
LEANDROS (Leandros)13
MARIOS (Marios)13
BENEDICT (Benediktos, Benedikti, Benedict)14
EFRASIOS (Efrasios)14
MATHILDE (Mathilde, Matilda)14
AGAPIOS (Agapios)15
CHRISTODOULOS (1) (Christodoulos)16
IOULIANOS (Ioulianos, Joulian)16
ALEXIOS (Alexios, Alexis, Alex, Alekos, Alexia, Alexa)17
GERTRUDE (Gertrude, Geertruide, Geltruda, Gerda, Gerte, Gertraud, Gertruda, Gertrudis, Gerty, Trude, Trudi, Trudie, Trudy)

LAZARUS (Lazarus, Larry)

PATRICK (Pat, Patrick)

EDWARD (Edward, Eddy)18
CHRYSANTHIS (Hrysanthi, Chrysanthi, Chrysanthis)19
DAREIA (Dareea)19
HRYSANTHOS (Crysanthos)19

CLAUDIA (Claudia)

RODI (Rodi, Rodia)20
RODIANOS (Rodianos)20






DROSOS (1) (Drosos)22
DROSOULA (1) (Drosoula, Drosis, Drosida)22
(no nameday)24
ETHNEGERSIA (Ethnegersia)25
EVAGGELOS (Evagelos, Evangelos, Aggelis, Angelis, Eva, Vangelis, Lili, Lilika)25
POULIOS (Poulios)26
SYLAS (Sylas)26
FILITAS (Filitas, Filitis)27
LEEDA (1) (Lida)27
LIDIA (1) (Lydia, Lidia, Lidie, Lyda, Lydie)


MATRONA (1) (Matrona of Thessaloniki – Thessalonica)27

John (Saint John Climacus)

Ypatis (Ypatis, Hypatius)31

APRIL 2021

No Name Day1
TITOS (1) (Titos)2
ILLYRIOS (Illyrios)3
No Name Day4
Panagiotis (Panos, Giotis, Panikos, Takis, Panagiota, Giota, Panagioula, Panagoula, Pani, Toula, Peggie)5
EFTIHIOS (1) (Eftychios, Eftyhia, Eftyhis)6
No Name Day7
Saint Rufus (Rufus)


EFPSYHIOS (Efpsyhios, Psyxoula)9
JOSEF (1) (Iosif, Sifis)9
DIMOKLIS (Dimoklis, Dimos, Dimoklia, Dimokleia)10
ANAKSIMENIS (Anaksimenis, Menis)10
DIMOSTHENES (Dimosthenis, Dimos)10
DIONISIS (3) (Dionysius, Dionysis, Dionisos, Dionysios, Dionysos, Nionios, Denis, Dennis, Denise, Sissy)10
EPAMINONDAS (Epamenondas)10
ETEOKLIS (Eteoklis)10
FOKION (Fokion, Fokos)10
HERCULES (Herakles)10
HOMER (Homer)10
IFESTION (Ifestion)10
ISOCRATES (Isocratis)10
MAXIMOS (2) (Maximos, Massimos)10
MILTIADIS (Miltos)10
PARMENION (Parmenion)10
PELOPIDAS (Pelopidas)10
PERICLES (Periklis)10
PHILOPIMIN (Philopimin, Philis, Filis, Filopimin)10
PINDAROS (Pindaros)10
POLYVIOS (Polivios)10
PROMITHEAS (Promitheas)10
SOCRATES (1) (Sokrates, Sokratis, Socrates)10
SOFOCLES (Sofoclis)10
THEMISTOKLIS (1) (Themistokles, Themistoklis, Themistokleus)10
THEOFRASTOS (Theofrastos)10
THISEAS (Thiseas)10
TIMOTHY (2) (Timotheos, Timothy)10
XENOFON (2) (Xenofontas, Xenia)10
ZINON (1) (Zenon, Zinon)10
ANTIPAS (Antipas, Antypas)11
GERONTIOS (Gerontios)13
ARISTARHOS (Aristarhos)14
THOMAIS (Thomais)14
LEONIDAS (Leonidas, Leo, Leonie)15
GALINI (Galene)16
GALINOS (Galinos)16
HIONIA (Hionia)16
CALIS (Kallis, Kallida, Kallia, Kalli, Kalis, Kalida, Kalia, Kali, Callis, Callida, Callia, Calis, Calida, Calia, Caly)16
NIKI (1) (Neekee, Nikee)16
No Name Day17
ALEXANDRA (Alexis, Alexandra, Sandra, Sander)

Panagiotis, Panayotis, Panos, Panousos, Panagis, Panagos, Giotis, Yotis, Panikos, Takis, Panagiota, Panayota,

FAISTOS (Faistos)21
IANOS (Janos, Janus, Ianos, Gennadi, Gennaro, Janan, Janiusz, Januarius, Janusz, Jenaro, Jenarius, Jennaro)21
JANUARY (January, Ianouarios)21
NATHANAEL (Nathanael, Nathanail)22
NEARHOS (Nearxos)22
ACHILLES (Achilleas)24
DOUKAS (Doukas)24
ELIZABETH (Elisavet, Elisabet, Elisabeth, Lisa, Zeta, Zetta)24
THAVMASTOS (Thavmastos, Thavmasti, Tammy)24
Dafnis* (Daphne)


NIKI (2) (Neekee, Nikee)

Markos, Marcos, Mark*

GLAFYRA (Glafyra) (26th)

Pegalos* (26th)

SIMEON (April 27th)


MAGNOS (Magnos)28
JASON (Iason, Jason, Iasonas)29
KERKYRA (Kerkyra, Kerkira)29
SOSIPATROS (1) (Sosipatros, Sopatros, Patra)


ARGYRO (Argyro)30
ASIMAKIS (2) (Asimakis)30
ASIMINA (2) (Asimina)30
DONATOS (Donatos, Donata, Donatella)30
JACOB (1) (Iakovos, Giacomo, Mino, Jacob, Jacques, Jaquet, Jacqueline, Jacquiline, James, Jemmy, Janie, Jakob, Jackel, Jockel, Jacky)30
MALAMATI (2) (Malamati, Mala, Malamatenia, Matina)

JAMES (Jim, Jimmy)


MAY 2021

FILOSOFOS (Filosofos)1
ISIDORA (Isidora, Dora)1
JEREMIA (Ieremia)1
TAMARA (Tamara, Tammara, Tamar)1
AVGERINOS (Avgerinos, Avgeris, Avgerou, Avgerini, Ava)2
ESPEROS (Esperos)2
Orthodox Easter \*

MATRONA (3) (Matrona of Russia – The Blind)

Anastasios, Anestis*


Paschalis, Paschalina*


George, Georgia *



Nikos *







Zisimos, Zisis *

Zois, Zoe*


RODOPI (Rodopi, Rodopee)

MELIA (Melia)4
EFRAIM (Efraim)5
EFREM (Efrem)5
EIRINAIOS (Eirinaios)5
IRINI (1) (Eirene, Eirini, Irene, Irini, Rene, Rena, Renia, Rhenia)

Pachomius (Saint Pachomius)

IOV (1) (Iov, Job, Iovia, Iobia, Jobia, Jovia, Iovi, Iobi)6
SERAPHIM (1) (Serafeim, Serafim, Serafina)6
MELIOS (Melios, Milios, Melio, Milio)8
THEOLOGOS (Theologos)

Apostle John

CHRISTOPHER (Christoforos)9
ESSAIAS (Hesaias, Isaias)


SIMON (Simonas, Simon)10
ARGYRIS (Argyris)11
ARMODIOS (Armodios)

Cyril (Saint Cyril)

DIOSKOURIDIS (Dioskouridis, Dioskoridis, Dioskoros)11
METHODIOS (Methodios)11
OLYMPIA (Olimpia)11
EPIFANEIOS (Epifanios)12
THEODOROS (3) (Theodoros of Kythera, Thodoris, Theodore, Teo, Thodora, Theodora)12
GLYKERIA (Glykeria)13
ARISTOTELE (Aristotelis, Telis)14
ISIDOROS (2) (Isidoros)14
ACHILLIOS (Achillios)15
KALI (Kalee, Kaylee)15
PAHOMIOS (Pahomios, Pahoumios, Pahos)15
ADRONIKOS (1) (Andronikos, Androniki)17
JUNIA (Iounia)17
SOLON (Solon, Solonas, Solohon)17
FAEINI (Faeini)18
GALATEIA (Galateia)18
JULIA (1) (Ioulia, Julia, Jule, Julie)18
MAGDALINI (1) (Magdalena, Magdalene, Magdalini, Markella, Magda)19
MARYLENA (Marylena, Maryelena)19
MENANDROS (Menandros)19
PATRICK (Patrikios, Patricia)19
THEOGNOSTOS (Theognostos, Theognosios, Theognosia)19
THEOKTISTOS (Theoktistos)


LEEDA (2) (Lida)20
LIDIA (2) (Lydia, Lidia, Lidie, Lyda, Lydie)20
CONSTANTIN (Konstantinos, Kostantinos, Kostas, Costas, Constantine, Costantine, Gus)21
CONSTANTINA (Thina, Kostantina, Dina, Costantina)21
HELEN (Elena, Elene, Ellen, Eleni, Lena, Eleanor, Eleonora, Eleonor, Nora, Marilena)21
NANTIA (Nantia, Nandia, Nadia, Nadya)21
EMILIOS (Emile, Emilia, Emily, Emma)22
KODROS (Kodros)22
CHRISTIAN (Christian)24
MARKIANI (Markiani)24
PALLADIA (Palladia)24
PHOTINI (2) (Fotine, Fotini, Foto, Fotoula, Fay)24
ALFAIOS (Alfaios, Alfeos)26
MYROFORA (Myrofora, Myrrh-Bearing Woman)26
KARPOS (2) (Karpos)26
SINESIOS (Sinesios)26
ALYPIOS (Alypios)27
IOANNIS ROSSOS (Ioannis Rossos)27
DIMITRIOS (2) (Demetris, Dimitris, Dimitrios, Mitros)28
DIOSKOURIDIS (Dioskouridis)28
IPOMONI (Ypomoni)29
OLIVIANOS (1) (Olivianos, Olvianos, Olivia)29
THEODOSIA (Theodosia)29
EMMELEIA (Emeleia)30
ERMEIAS (Ermeias, Ermeia)31
MAGOS (Magos, Maya)31

JUNE 2021

EVELPISTOS (Evelpistos)1
GERAKINA (Gerakina)1
IERAX (Ierax)1
JUSTINE (Justine, Ioustinos)1
PYRROS (Pyros)1
THESPESIOS (Thespesios, Thespesia)1
MARINOS (1) (Marinos)2
NIKIFOROS (1) (Nikiforos)2
IERIA (Ieria)3
YPATIA (Ypatia)3
MARTHA (Martha)4
APOLLON (Apollon)5
DOROTHEOS (Dorotheos, Dorothea, Dorothy)5
NIKANDROS (Nikandros)5
PLOUTARHOS (Ploutarhos, Ploutos, Plouto)5
SELENE (Selene, Seline)5
ILARION (Ilarion, Ilarionas, Ilaria, Ilariada, Lariada)


PANAGIS (Panayis, Panagos)7
SEVASTIANI (1) (Sebastiani, Sebastian, Sevasti, Sevi)7
ZINAIS (Zinais)7
KALLIOPI (Kalliope, Kaliopi, Popi)8
NAFKRATIS (Nafkratis)8
RODANTHI (Rodanthi, Rozanthi)9
BARTHOLOMEOS (1) (Bartholomeus)

Barnabas (Saint Barnabas)

LUKE Simferoupolis (2) (Loukas, Loska, Loskas, Lucas, Luke)11
VARNAVAS (Varnavas)11
ONOUFRIOS (Onoufrios)12
TRIFILIOS (Trifillios, Trifilios)13
ELISSAIOS (Elisaios, Elisso, Eliso)14
NEFON (Nefon)14

AFGOUSTINOS (Afgoustinos, Afgoustos, Augoustos, Avgoustis, Avgoustinos, Avgoustos)

AVGOUSTA (Avgousta)15
IERONYMOS (Ieronymos, Jeronymo)15
LIVYI (Livyi, Lybia)15
MONICA (Monika, Monique, Mona)15
ORTANSIA (Ortansia, Hortisia)

Stephen (Saint Stephen)

TICHON (Tychon)16
FELIX (1) (Felix)17
ISMAIL (Ismail)17

ERASMOS (Erasmos)

LEONTIOS (Leontios)18
PAISIOS (Paisios)19
ZOSIMOS (Zosimos, Zosimus)19
KALLISTOS (Kallistos, Kalistos)

Jude (Saint Jude)

METHODIOS (Methodius)


AFRODISIOS (Afrodisios)

Korenna, Kori, Korina, Korinos*



EFSEVIOS (1) (Evsevios, Evsevia)22
ZINAS (Zinas)22
AGRIPPINA (Agrippina)23
ARISTOKLIS (Aristoklis)23
LOULOU (Loulou)23
BIRTH OF JOHN THE BAPTIST (Ayiou Ioanni Baptisti)24
EROTAS (Erotas)25
FEVRONIA (Phevronia)25
David (1)

MAKARIOS (Makarios)

Jude (Saint Jude)

Joanna (Saint Joanna)

PIERRE (Pierion, Pierro, Pierre, Pieris)

All Saints*

ANARGYROS (1) (Anargyros, Anargyri)28
GERMANOS (Germanos)28
PAVLOS (Pavlos, Paul, Pavlina)29
PETER (Petros, Peter, Paul, Petroula, Petrina, Petras, Petrakis, Petrinos, Petria, Petra)29
APOSTOLOS (1) (Apostolis, Apostolos, Tolis, Lea, Lia, Apostolina, Polina)30
MELITON (Meliton)30

JULY 2021

ANARGYROS (2) (Anargyros, Anargyri)1
COSMAS (1) (Kosmas)1
DAMIANOS (1) (Damianos, Damian)1
MAVRIKIOS (2) (Mavrikios, Maurice)1
No Name Day2
ZOUMBOULIA (Zoumboulia)3
No Name Day4
KYRIAKI (Kyriake, Kyriakos, Kyriaki, Kiriaki, Kiki, Kitsa, Korina, Kitsos, Sundy, Domenica, Dominica, Cyriaca, Kyriaca, Ria, Iria, Ia)7
THEOFILOS (Theofilos, Theofilitsa, Filio)8
PAGRATIOS (2) (Pagratios, Pagratia)9
EFIMIA (1) (Efemia, Efimia)11
VERENIC (Verenike, Vereniki, Verenica)12
VERONICΑ (Veronike, Veroniki, Veronica, Berenice)12
ILIOFOTOS (Heliofotos)13
SARAH (1) (Sarah)13
AKYLAS (Akylas)14
NIKODIMOS (Nikodemos, Nikodimos)14
JULITTA (Ioulitta)15
KIRIKOS (Kerykos, Kirykos)15
VLADIMIR (Vladimiros)15
No Name Day16
ALEXANDRA (Alexis, Alexandra, Sandra, Sander)17
ALIKI (Alix, Aliki, Alice, Alisia, Alicia, Alysia, Alika, Adelaide)17
MARINA (Marena, Marinos)17
EMILIANOS (Emilianos)18
DIAS (Dias, Zeus)19
GARYFALLIA (Garyfallia)19
MAKRINA (Makrena)19
ELIAS (Elias, Ilias, Eliana, Liana)20
No Name Day21
MAGDALINI (2) (Magdalena, Magdalene, Magdalini, Markella, Magda)22
MARKELLA (Markela)22
MARYLENA (Marylena, Maryelena)22
MENELAOS (Menelaos, Meneleus, Menelaus, Menele, Mauvier)22
No Name Day23
ATHINAGORAS (Athinagoras)

Boris (Romanos)

CHRISTINA (1) (Christina, Christy, Chris, Christyne)25
ANAIS (1) (Anais)25
ANN (2) (Anna, Annita, Anneta, Hanna)25
EFPRAKSIA (Efpraxia)25
OLYMPIAS (Olimpias, Olimpiada)25
ERMOLAOS (Hermolaos, Hermolia, Ermolia, Lia)26
ERSI (Erse, Ersi)26
OREOZILI (Oreozili, Oreozeeli)26
PARASKEVI (Paraskevee, Paraskevi, Evi, Evita, Vivian, Vivi, Vetti, Veti)26
PANTELIS (Panteleimonas, Pantelis)27
AFXENTIOS (Afxentios)28
AKAKIOS (Akakios, Kahi, Kaki)28
DROSOS (2) (Drosos)28
DROSOULA (2) (Drosoula, Drosis, Drosida)28
HRYSOVALANTOU (Chrisovalantis, Chrysovalantou)28
IRINI (2) (Eirene, Eirini, Irene, Irini)28
TIMON (Timon, Timos)28
KALLINIKOS (Kalinikos)

Mary Magdalene Feast Day

THEODOTI (Theodoti)29
ADRONIKOS (2) (Andronikos, Androniki)30
SILAS, SILOUANOS (Silouanos)30
EVDOKIMOS (Evdokimos)31
FREIDERIKI (Freideriki, Frederiki, Frideriki)31
FREIDERIKOS (Freiderikos, Frederic, Frederich, Friderikos)31
JOSEF (2) (Iosif, Sifis)31


EFKLEOS (Efkleos)1
ELESA (Elesa, Elessa)1
MARKELOS (2) (Markelos)1
SOLOMONI (Solomoni)1
JUSTINIANOS (Justinianos)2
OLIMPIOS (Olimpios, Olympios)3
SALOMI (Salomi)3
EKSAKOUSTODIANOS (Exakoustodianos, Xakoustos, Ksakoustos, Xakousti, Ksakousti)4
MAXIMILIAN (Maximilian)4
NONA (Nonna, Nona)5
MORFOULA (Morfoula)6
SOTIRIS (Sotiria, Sotiris)6
ASTERIOS (1) (Asterios, Asteris)7
ASTERO (1) (Astero)7
ASTRINI (Astrini, Astrinos, Asterini, Asterinos)7
NIKANOR (Nikanor, Nikanoras)7
TRIANTAFILIA (Triantafyllia, Rosa, Roza, Rose, Filia, Fili, Filio)8
TRIANTAFILOS (Triantafyllos)8
IPPOLYTOS (Ippolytos)10
IRO (Iro, Hero)10
IRON (Iron, Heron)10
LAURA (Laura, Lora, Laurentia, Laurentina, Lauraine, Lawraine)10
LAVRENTIOS (Laurentios, Laurens, Laurence)10
EFPLOUS (Efplous)11
PHOTIS (3) (Fotis, Fotios)12
(no widely known nameday)13
(no widely known nameday)14
DESPOINA (2) (- for married women – Despoina, Deppy, Pipina, Despo, Pepi, Zepo)15
ELONA (Elona)15
GESTHIMANI (Gesthimani, Iesthimani, Gethsimani)15
HELIOSTALAKTI (Heliostalakti)15
KATHOLIKI (Katholiki, Catholic)15
KRISTALO (Kristalo, Kristalia, Crystal, Krysta, Krista)15
MARIETA (Marietta, Margeta, Margetina)15
MARINIKI (Mariniki)15
MARY (Maria – for married women, Mary, Maro, Marios, Mario, Mariori, Marika, Maroula, Maritsa, Margiori, Marigoula, Manio, Marietta, Marousa, Marsia, Marcy)15
MIREILLE (Mireille, Mirella, Myrella)15
PANAGIOTIS (Panayotis, Panagiotis, Panos, Panikos, Panagiota, Pani, Tota, Toula)15
PRESVEIA (Presvia)15
SYMELA (Simela, Symela, Soymela, Soumela)15
THEOTOKIS (Theotokia, Theotokea)15
APOSTOLOS (2) (Apostolis, Apostolos, Tolis, Lea, Lia, Apostolina, Polina)16
DIOMIDIS (Diomedes, Diomidis)16
GERASIMOS (1) (Gerasimos, Yerasimos)16
SARANTIS (Sarantis, Sarantos)16
SERAPHIM (2) (Serafeim, Serafim)16
STAMATIA (2) (Stamatia, Matoula, Mato, Stamela, Stamatina, Stamata, Matina, Mata)16
STAMATIS (2) (Stamatis, Stamos)16
LEFKOTHEA (Lefkothea)17
MIRON (Myron, Myra, Mirka)17
STRATON (Straton, Stratos)17
ARSENIOS (1) (Arsenios, Arsenis, Arsina)18
FLOROS (1) (Floros, Flora)18
LAVROS (Lavros)18
(no widely known nameday)19
ILIODOROS (Iliodoros, Iliodora, Heliodora, Eldora, Eleadora, Eleodora, Elda)20
SAMUEL (Samouel, Samuel, Sam)20
THEOHARIS (2) (Theoharis, Theoharoula, Haroula)20
Saint Thaddeus21
AGATHONIKOS (Agathonikos)22
THEOPREPIOS (Theoprepios)22
MALAMATI (1) (Malamati, Mala, Malamatenia, Matina)23
AITOLIA (Etolia)24
EFTIHIS (2) (Eftychios, Eftyhia, Eftyhis)24
BARTHOLOMEOS (2) (Bartholomeus)25
TITOS (2) (Titos)25
ADRIANI (Adriane, Adriani )26
ADRIANOS (Adrianos, Adrian)26
NATALIA (Nathalia, Natalia)26
ARCADIA (Arcadia, Arkadia)27
ARCADIOS (Arcadios, Arkadios)27
FANOURIOS (Phanourios)27
LIBERIOS (Liberios, Liveris, Lyveris, Liverios, Liberis, Liberius)27
OSIOS (Osios, Osia)27
DAMON (Damon, Damonas)28
ARKADIOS (Arkadios)29
ALEXANDER (Alexis, Alex, Alexander, Alexandros, Alekos)30
EVLALIOS (Evlalios, Evlalia, Eulalios)30
FILAKAS (Filakas, Fylakas)30
No Name Day31


ADAMANTIOS (Adamantios, Adamantia, Amanda)1
AFRODITE (Afrodite, Fregia)1
AKRIVI (Akrivee)1
ANTIGONI (Antigone, Antigoni)1
ASPASIA (Aspasia)1
ATHINA (Athena, Athina)1
CLEO (Clio)1
CLEOPATRA (1) (Cleopatra, Kleopatra, Patra, Patroula, Cleo)1
CORALIA (Koralia, Koralou)1
DIAMANTO (Diamando, Adamandia, Ada)1
DIONI (Dioni)1
DODONI (Dodone)1
EFTERPI (Evterpi)1
ELPINIKI (Helpiniki)1
ERASMIA (Erasmea)1
ERATO (Erato)1
HAIDO (Haido, Haideftos)1
HARIKLIA (1) (Hariklia, Haroula)1
ISMENE (Jasmin, Yasmin, Jasmeen, Yasmeen, Ismini)1
JOSHUA (Joshua, Jesus of Navi)1
KALLIROI (Kaliroi)1
KALLISTI (Kalisti)1
KLEONIKI (Kleonikos)1
MANDO (Mando, Mandi, Manto)1
MARGARET (1) (Margarita)1
MARIANTHI (Marianthe)1
MELETIOS (2) (Meletios, Meletis)1
MELPOMENI (Melpmene)1
MOSHO (Moshoula)1
OURANIA (1) (Ourania, Urania, Rania)1
PANDORA (Pandora)1
PENELOPE (Pinelopi, Bilio)1
POLIMNIA (Polimnia)1
POLINIKI (Polynike, Polyniki, Polyna, Polina)1
POLYTIMI (Polytimi, Timi)1
RALLIA (Rallia)1
RALLIS (Rallis, Ralis)1
SAPFO (Sapho)1
SIMEON (2) (Simeon)1
TERPSIHORI (Terpsihori)1
THALIA (Thalia)1
THEANO (Theano)1
THEONIMPHI (Theonymphi)1
MAMAS (Mamas)2
ANTHIMOS (Anthimos)3
ARHONTIA (Arhontia)3
ARHONTION (Arhontion)3
ARISTEA (Aristea, Aristi)3
ARISTION (Aristion, Aristeas)3
PHEVOS (Pheevos, Foibos, Foivos, Foivi, Phoebe)3
POLYDOROS (Polidoros)3
HERMIONI (Ermione, Ermioni)4
MOSES (Moisis, Moses)4
OKEANIS (Okeanis, Oceanis)4
OKEANOS (Okeanos, Oceanos)4
ROSALIA (Rosalia)4
ZAHARIAS (2) (Zachariah, Zechariah, Zacaria, Zacarias, Zacary, Zacharia, Zacharias, Zacharie, Zachary, Zachery, Zackerias, Zack, Zakarias, Zeke, Zaharias, Zacharoula, Zacharenia, Zaki, Zakisaharias, Zaharoula, Zaharenia, Zaki, Zakis)


EVDOXIOS (Evdoxios)6
VIVOS (Vivos, Vivi)6
CASIANI (Kasiani)7
SOZON (Sozonas)7
DESPOINA (3) (- for unmarried women in Chios island – Despoina, Deppy, Pipina, Despo, Pepi, Zepo)8
GENETHLIOS (Genethlios)8
NERATZIA (Neratzia)8
SKIADENI (Skiadeni)8
TSAMPIKA (Tsampika, Tsabika, Mika, Tsambikos)8
JOAHIM (Ioakeim)9
KIARAN (Kiaran, Kieran, Kyran, Ceran, Queran, Ciaran, Kiara)9
ERASTI (Erasti)10
ERASTOS (Erastos)10
KLIMENTINI (Klimentini, Clementine)10
KLIMIS (Klimis, Clement)10
MINODORA (Minodora)10
MITRODORA (Mitrodora)10
NYMFODORA (Nymfodora)10
POULCHERIA (Poulcheria)10
EFROSYNOS (Efrosynos)11
EVANTHIA (Evanthia, Evathia, Eve)11
EVANTHIS (Evanthis)11
THEODORA (Thodora, Theodora)
(no widely known nameday)12
ARISTIDIS (Aristides, Aristeides, Aristeidis)13
CORNELIUS (Kornelios, Kornilios, Kornelia)13
STAVROS (Stavros, Stavroula, Steven)14
THEOKLIS (Theoklis)14
NIKITAS (Nikitas, Nikita)15
VISARION (Visarion)15
EFIMIA (2) (Efemia, Efimia)16
LOUNTMILLA (Lountmilla, Loudmila)16
MELINA (1) (Melina, Melitini, Melitina)16
AGAPI (Agape, Agapi, Agapios)17
AGATHOKLIS (Agathoklia, Agathoklea)17
ELPIDA (Helpida)17
OLIVIANOS (2) (Olivianos, Olvianos, Olivia)17
PANTOLEON (Pantoleon)17
PILEAS (Pilefs)17
PISTI (Pisti)17
SONIA (Sonia, Sonja)17
SOPHIA (Sofia, Sonia, Fifi, Sofianos, Sofoula, Sofoulis)17
ARIADNI (Ariadne, Ariadni, Ariana)18
EVMENIS (Evmenis)18
KASTOR (Kastor)18
SAVATIOS (Savatios)19
EFSTATHIOS (Evstathios, Stathis)20
THEOPISTI (Theopisti)20
JONAS (Jonas, Ionas, Ion)

Quadratus (Saint Quadratus)

LOIZOS (Loizos, Luis, Louis)22
LOUISE (Louise, Louiza, Louisa, Lovisa)22
PHOKAS (Fokas)22
ZOGRAFIA (Zografia)22
IRIS (Iris, Irida, Irais, Iraida, Rhais)23
POLIXENI (Polyxena, Polyxene, Polyxeni, Xene, Xeni)23
RAIS (Rais)23
XANTHIPOS (Xanthipos, Xanthippos)23
XANTHIPPI (Xanthippe, Xanthippi) www.xanthippe.gr23
KOPROS (Kopros, Kopris)24
MIRSINI (Mirsini, Mersa, Mirso, Amerisouda, Amersouda, Amerssa, Amersa)24
MIRTO (Mirto)24
PERSEFONI (Persephoni)24
PERSIS (Persis, Persi)24
THEKLA (Thekla)24
EFROSINI (Efrosyne, Efrosini, Froso)25
(no widely known nameday)26
AKYLINI (Akylini, Akilina)27
EPICHARIS (Epicharis, Epiharis, Epikharia)27
KALLISTRATOS (Kallistratos)27
ZINON (2) (Zenon, Zinon)27
HARITON (Hariton)28
KYRIAKOS (Kyriakos, Kiriakos)29
STRATONIKOS (Stratonikos, Stratos, Stratis)30


ANANIAS (Ananias, Hananiah, Nino)1
ROMANOS (Romanos, Romana, Romani)1
THIRESIA (Theresea)1
CYPRIANOS (Kiprianos)2
IOUSTA (Iousta, Jousta)2
JUSTINE (Justine, Ioustini)2
DIONISIS (1) (Dionysius, Dionysis, Dionisos, Dionysios, Dionysos, Nionios, Denis, Dennis, Denise, Sissy)3
IEROTHEOS (Ierotheos, Hierothus)4
KALLISTHENIS (Kallisthenis)4
VERINA (Verina, Vera)4
HARITINI (Haritine, Haritini, Tina, Hara, Charitina)5
EROTIIS (Erotiis)6
THOMAS (1) (Thomas, Tom)6
BAKHOS (Bakhos)7
POLYCHRONIS (1) (Polychronios)7
SERGIOS (Sergios, Sergio)7
PELAGIA (Pelagia)8
LOT (Lot)9
EVLABIOS (Evlambios)10
Phillip (Saint Phillip of the Seventy)11
ANDROMAHI (Andromahi)12
ANDROMAHOS (Andromahos)12
VALANTIOS (Valantios)12
AGATHONIKI (Agathoniki)13
CHRYSI (2) (Chrysi)13
FLORENTIA (Florentia, Florence, Dia)13
FLORENTIOS (Florentios)13
KARPOS (1) (Karpos)13
GERVASIOS (Gervasios)14
IGNATIOS (1) (Ignatios)14
NAZARIOS (Nazarios)14
LOUKIANOS (Loukianos, Lucian)15
No Name Day16
ANTIGONOS (Antigonos, Antigonus)17
EFPREPIOS (Efprepeos)17
LUKE (1) (Loukas, Loska, Loskas, Lucas, Luke)18
MARINOS (2) (Marinos)18
CLEOPATRA (2) (Cleopatra, Kleopatra, Patra, Patroula, Cleo)19
FELIX (2) (Felix)

Varys (Saint Varys)

ARTEMIOS (Artemios, Artemis)20
ARTEMIS (Artemis)20
DIANA (Diana)20
GERASIMOS (2) (Gerasimos, Yerasimos)20
HENOE (Henoe, Enoe)20
KERASIA (Kerasia)20
MATRONA (2) (Matrona of Chios – Chiopolitissa)20
CHRISTODOULOS (2) (Christodoulos)21
EFKRATIS (Efkratis)

Hilaron (Saint Hilaron)

ORSALIA (Orsalia, Orsalina, Orsaline, Orsel, Orselina, Orseline, Orsola, Orssa)21
SOCRATES (2) (Sokrates, Sokratis, Socrates)21
URSULA (Ursula, Ursa)21
AVERKIOS (Averkios, Abericus)22
JACOB (2) (Iakovos, Jacob, Jakob)23
SEVASTIANI (2) (Sebastiani, Sebastian, Sevasti, Sevi)24
CHRYSANTHI (Crysanthi, Hrisanthi, Hrysanthi)25
HRYSAPHIS (Chrysaphis, Chrisaphis)25
DIMITRA (Dimitra, Dimitria, Dimi)26
DIMITRIOS (1) (Demetris, Dimitris, Dimitrios, Jim, James, Mitros)26
GLYKON (Glykon, Glykos)26
LEPTINIS (Leptinis)26
LOUPPOS (Louppos)27
NESTOR (Nestor, Nestoras)27
EVNIKI (Efnikee)28
VILI (Vili, Villi, Vilia)28
ABRAMIOS (Avramios, Abrahamios, Avramia)

Anastasia (Saint Anastasia)

MELINA (2) (Melina, Melitini, Melitina)29
APOLLONIA (Apollonia)30
ASTERIOS (2) (Asterios, Asteris)30
ASTERO (2) (Astero)30
KLEOPAS (Kleopas, Cleopas)30
KRONOS (Kronos, Cronos)30
MARKIANOS (Markianos)30
TERTIOS (Tertios)30
ZINOVIA (Zenovia, Zenovios, Zinovia, Zinovios, Zelina)30
ZINOVIOS (Zinovios, Zenobia)30
ABLIA (Amblia, Amblios)31
APELLIS (Apelis)31
ARISTOVOULOS (Aristovoulos)

Epimachus (Saint Epimachus)

NARKISOS (Narkisos)31
STRATONIKI (Stratoniki)31


ANARGYROS (3) (Anargyros, Anargyri)1
COSMAS (2) (Kosmas)1
DAMIANOS (2) (Damianos, Damian)1
DAVID (2) (David)1
DIONYSOS (Dionysos)1
AKINDINOS (Akindinos, Acindinos, Acindinous, Akindinous, Acindinus, Akindinus)2
AFTHONIOS (Afthonios, Aphthonios, Aphthonius)2
ANEMPODISTOS (Anempodistos, Anebodistos, Anempodistus)2
ELPIDIFOROS (Elpidiforos, Elpidoforos, Elpidiphorus, Elpidifora, Elpidofora, Elpidiphora)2
PIGASOS (Pigasos, Pegasius, Pigasios, Pegasia, Pigasia)2
No Name Day3
ERMAIOS (Ermaios)4
IOANIKIOS (Ioannikios)4
EPISTIMI (Epistimi)5
GALAKTION (Galaktion, Galatia)5
LINOS (Linos)5
SILVANOS (Silvanos, Silvana)5
LEONARDO (Leonardo)

Paul (Saint Paul the Confessor)

ATHINODOROS (Athinodoros, Doris)7
ERNEST (Ernest, Ernst, Earnest, Ernesto, Ernestus, Ernie, Erno, Ernestas, Ernests, Ernesti, Erno, Ernesta, Ernestine)7
THEAGENIS (Theagenis)7
THEMELIOS (Themelios, Themeli, Themelina)7
ANGELOS (Angela, Angelos, Angelina, Angeliki)8
EFSTRATIA (Efstratia, Evstratia)8
GABRIEL (Gavriel)8
GABRIELA (Gavriela, Arabella, Aravella, Aravela)8
MATINA (Matina)8
METAXIA (Metaxia, Taxoula)8
MICHAEL (Mixalis, Michail, Michali, Michael)8
MICHELLE (Michelle, Michaela, Mikela, Michalia, Mihalia)8
RAPHAEL (2) (Rafael)8
STAMATIA (3) (Stamatia, Matoula, Mato, Stamela, Stamatina, Stamata, Matina, Mata)8
STAMATIS (3) (Stamatis, Stamos)8
STRATIGOS (Stratigos, Stratigoula)8
TAXIARHIS (Taxiarchis)8
ELLADIOS (Helladios)9
MAVRA (Mavra)9
NEKTARIOS (Nektarios)9
THEOKTISTI (Theoktisti)9
ARSENIOS (2) (Arsenios, Arsenis, Arsina)10
ARSINOE (Arsinoi)10
IRODION (Rodion, Herodion, Herodias, Herodiada)10
MILON (Milon)10
ORESTIS (Orestis)10
ORION (Orion)10
RODIOS (Rodion, Rodios, Rodis, Rodos, Rodia, Rodoula, Rodita, Roza, Rozalia, Rozita, Rozina, Rozana)10
SOSIPATROS (2) (Sosipatros, Sopatros, Patra)10
DRAKON (Drako)11
MINAS (Minas, Minais)11
MINOS (Minos, Mina)11
VICTOR (Viktoras)11
VINCENT (Vikentios, Bikentios)11
John (Saint John the Merciful)12
DAMASKINOS (Damaskinos, Damaskini)13
HRYSOSTOMOS (Chrysostomos)13
GREGORY (2) (Grigoris, Grigorios, Gregory, Gregorios, Gregoris, Golis, Gregor)14
PHILIP (Filippos, Philippos, Philip)14
PHILIPIA (Philippia, Philippa, Filio, Phylis)14
IFIGENIA (Ifigenia)16
MATHAIOS (Mathaios, Matthaios, Matthias)16
GENADIOS (Genadios)17
PLATO (Platonas, Platon)18
No Name Day19
DENAHIS (Denahis)20
DESPOINA (1) (- for unmarried women – Despoina, Deppy, Pipina, Despo, Pepi, Zepo)21
MARY (Maria – for unmarried women, Mary, Maro, Marios, Mario, Mariori, Marika, Maroula, Maritsa, Margiori, Marigoula, Marietta, Marousa, Marsia, Marcy)21
SOULTANA (Soultana, Souzi)21
VIRGINIA (Virginia)21
CECILIA (Cecilia, Kikilia, Kekilia, Cecil)22
PHILIMON (Filemon, Filimon, Filimonas)22
VALERIOS (Valerios, Valerianos)22
AMFILOHIOS (Amfilohios, Amfilohia)23
ELENOS (Helenos)23
No Name Day24
CATHRINE (Aikaterine, Aikaterini, Katerina, Kaiti, Karen, Caren, Carin, Caron, Caronn, Carren, Carrin, Carron, Carryn, Caryn, Carynn, Carynne, Karan, Kari, Karin, Karna, Karon, Karren, Karrin, Karryn, Karyn, Kerran, Kerrin, Kerron, Kerrynn, Keryn, Kerynne)25
MERCURIOS (Merkourios)25
KYPARISIA (Kiparisia, Paresia, Sissy)26
NIKON (Nikon)26
STERGIOS (Stergios)26
STILIANOS (Stelios, Stylianos, Stella, Stelia)26
(no widely known nameday)27
IRINARHOS (Eirenarhos, Irenarhos, Irinarhos)28
FEDRA (Phaedra)29
FEDROS (Phaedros)29
FILOUMENI (Philoumenee, Filomeni)29
FILOUMENOS (Philoumenos, Filomenos)29
ANDREW (Andreas, Andrea, Andrew)30


ARETI (Areti, Aretousa)1
JACOB (Jacob)1
NAOUM (Naoum, Naoumis, Naouma, Naomi)1
PHILARETOS (Filaretos, Philareti, Filareti)1
THEOKLITOS (Theoklitos)1
MEROPI (Meropee, Myropee)2
SOLOMON (Solomon, Solomontas)2
GLYKERIOS (Glykerios)3
BARBARA (Barbara, Varvara)4
SERAPHIM (3) (Serafeim, Serafim)4
DIOGENES (Diogenes, Diogenis)5
SAVVAS (Savvas, Savas)5
NIKOLETA (Nikoletta)6
NIKOLINA (Nikolina)6
NIKOS (1) (Nikolaos, Nikoleta, Nikos, Nicholas, Nicolas, Nick)6
AMVROSIOS (Amvrosios, Ambrosius)7
PATAPIOS (Patapios)8
ANN (1) (Anna, Annita, Anneta, Aneza)9
ANAIS (1) (Anais)9
No Name Day10
No Name Day11
SPIRIDON (Spiros, Spyridon, Spyros, Spyridoula)




Danae, Danai, Dan*





Iov, Iovia*


Melhisedeh, Melchizedek*





Sarah, Sara*

ARIS (1) (Aris)13
EFSTRATIOS (Evstratios, Stratos)13
IOUBENALIOS (Ioubenalios, Jouvenalious)13
LUCY (Loukia)13
Danae, Dan*13
Iov, Iovia, Job, Job *13
Isaac *13
Melhisedeh, Melchizedek *13
Noah *13
Rachel *13
Sara, Sarah*13
LEFKI (Lefkios, Lefki)


Elefterios, Eleftheria15
DANIEL (Daniel, Danielle)17
DIONISIS (2) (Dionysius, Dionysis, Dionisos, Dionysios, Dionysos, Nionios, Denis, Dennis, Denise, Sissy)17
IAKHOS (Iakhos)17
FLOROS (2) (Floros, Flora)18
SEBASTIANOS (2) (Sevastianos, Sebastian)


AGLAIA (Aglaia)19
ARIS (2) (Aris)19
IGNATIOS (2) (Ignatios)20
JULIA (2) (Juliana, Iouliani, Ioulia, Julia, Jule, Julie, Jouliani)21
THEMISTOKLIS (2) (Themistokles, Themistoklis, Themistokleus)21
ANASTASIA (Anastasia)22
NATASA (Natasa, Tesa, Tasa, Tatia, Sia)22
ZOILOS (Zoilos)22
NIFON (Nifon, Nefon)23
Saint Ahmet the Calligrapher (Christian Martyr)24
EVGENIA (Efgenia, Evyenia, Eugenia)24
BALTASAR (Baltaser, Baltazar)25
BETHLEHEM (Bethlehem)25
CHRISTINA (2) (Christina, Christy, Chris, Christyne, Christoli)25
CHRISTOS (Christos, Christis)25
CHRYSTALLA (Chrystalla, Hrystalla, Chrystalia)25
EMMANOUELA (1) (Emmanouela)25
EMMANUEL (1) (Emmanouil, Manolis, Manuella, Emma)25
GASPAR (Gaspar)25
HRISAVGI (Chrysavgi, Chrisavgi)25
HRISOULA (Chrisoula, Chrysoula, Celia)25
HRYSA (Chrysa, Hrisa)25
MELHIOR (Melhior)25
CONSTANTIOS (Costantios, Kostantios, Costantina, Kostantina, Dia)26
EMMANOUELA (2) (Emmanouela)26
EMMANUEL (2) (Emmanouil, Manolis, Manuella, Emma)26
PANAGIOTIS (Panayotis, Panagiotis, Panos, Panagiota, Panikos)

Joseph (Joseph, Joe)

MAVRIKIOS (1) (Mavrikios, Maurice)27
STEPHANOS (Stefanos, Stephania, Steven, Stefania, Stephen, Stevan, Stevenson, Stevon, Stevyn, Steve, Stefan, Stephan, Steffen, Stefon)

Theodore (Theo, Ted, Teddy)

DOMNA (Domna)28
MYGDONIOS (Mygdonios)28
THEOFILI (Theofili, Theofilitsa, Filio)28
ANISIOS (Anisios)30
FILETAIROS (Filetairos)30
GIDEON (Gideon, Gideone, Gidi, Gidon, Hedeon)30
JOSEF (3) (Iosif, Sifis)30
MELANY (Melania, Melany, Melanie)31


List of the most important name days in Greece

January 1 – New Year’s Day – Vasileios (Vasilis) – Vaso
January 6 – Theofania (Epiphany) – Fotis, Fotoula
January 7 – Ioannis – Ioanna or Yannis – Yanna
January 10 – Grigorios
January 11 – Theodosios
January 17 – Antonios
January 18 – Athanasios& Kurillos
January 20 – Eythimios
January 26 – Xenofontas

February 1 – Trifonas
February 8 – Zaharias
February 9 – Nikiforos
February 10 – Charalampos or Mpampis
February 17 – Theodoros

March 1 – Eudokia
March 16 – Xristodoulos
March 21 – Iakovos
March 25, Annunciation Day – Evangelos or Vangelis, Evangelia or Vangelio or Eva

April 23 – Georgios (Yorgos) – Georgia. If this name day is during the Easter Lent, then it is moved to the second day after Easter.

May 4 – Pelagia
May 5 – Eirini
May 9 – Christoforos
May 10 – Simonos
May 21 – Kostas (Konstantinos), Eleni

June 8 – Kalliopi
June 29 – Petros, Pavlos

July 1 – Kosmas, Damianos
July 3 – Iakinthos (the Cretan Saint Valentine)
July 7 – Kiriaki
July 8 – Theofilos
July 11 – Olga
July 17 – Marina
July 20 – Elias (Ilias)
July 26 – Paraskevi

August 15 – Assumption Day – Maria – Marios
August 24 – Kosmas
August 25 – Titos
August 30 – Alexandros

September 1 – Simeon
September 14 – Stavros – Stavroula
September 15 – Nikitas
September 29 – Kiriakos

October 3 – Dionisios
October 6 – Thomas
October 26 – Dimitrios

November 8 – Michalis, Angelos – Angela, Angeliki
November 9 – Nektarios
November 11 – Minas
November 14 – Filippos
November 16 – Mathaios
November 25 – Aikaterini (Katerina)
November 26 – Stilianos, Stelios – Stela
November 30 – Andreas

December 4 – Varvara
December 5 – Savvas
December 6 – Nikolaos, Nikos
December 9 – Anna
December 12 – Spiridon, Spiros
December 15 – Eleftherios, Lefteris
December 25 – Christmas Day, Manolis – Emmanouela
December 27 – Stefanos

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