Greek News Floods Affect Northern, Central Greece

Floods Affect Northern, Central Greece

Credit: Video frame/AlphaTV

Severe floods, brought about by Tuesday’s heavy rainstorms, have caused widespread damage in the northern Greek region of Evros and Karditsa, in central Greece.

Severe flooding in Evros

As torrential rains battered much of the country on Tuesday, houses, roads, fields, and rivers were flooded in the Evros region.

Forced to abandon their cars as roads became completely flooded, residents of Evros were left stranded. Major roads linking the region to nearby cities and towns have been closed.
Images of families and residents piling on tractors and excavators to escape from rising floodwaters have circulated across the internet.

Credit: Katsougiasvaios/Twitter

Many houses have reportedly taken in water, forcing residents to seek shelter in the homes of family and friends, as well as in churches.

In local villages, including Mikro Dereio, firefighters have been called to help free residents from homes and other buildings that have flooded.
Local official Paschalis Adamakis stressed to AMNA that authorities are committed to reducing any danger to local residents. Officials are on high alert in case of further rainstorms and flooding throughout the day.

Karditsa floods yet again

After the devastating “Medicane” Ianos brought about deadly floods in the region in September of2020, Karditsa has once again faced severe flooding on Tuesday.

The mountainous areas of the region, located in central Greece, reported heavy rainfall on Tuesday, and officials fear damage to homes and roads there, which is only just recovering from the recent natural disaster.
Roads in the town of Mouzaki, also hit heavily by Ianos, have partially flooded once again, and officials are mulling over road closures if the flooding continues.

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