Business Hundreds of Greek Scientists Abroad Apply to Join Pfizer in Thessaloniki

Hundreds of Greek Scientists Abroad Apply to Join Pfizer in Thessaloniki

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The US pharmaceutical giant Pfizer has received over 3,500 applications for the 200 spots that are open at its digital hub in Thessaloniki.

A substantial portion of the applicants, representing twenty percent, are from Greeks living abroad.

Thessaloniki’s digital hub, which is already in operation, employs scientists and specialists who work in fields such as data analysis and artificial intelligence to help develop new drugs and create digital platforms for doctors and their patients.

Pfizer is aiming to boost the size of its digital hub in Thessaloniki in the coming years, adding even more positions in the fields of software development and engineering, programming, and product and experience design.

According to Niko Gariboldi, Site Lead and Senior Director of the hub, the company is also looking to team up with local universities, particularly the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and the University of Macedonia, to bolster classes in STEM fields as well as scout out new young talent.

Pfizer Chairman and CEO Albert Bourla, a native of Thessaloniki, recently announced the creation of a second such hub in his home city at the Greek Economic Summit, citing the massive success of the first hub.

“The success we had in Greece with the digital hub has encouraged us to make the decision to open a second hub in Thessaloniki for internal professional services — financial services, human resource services and call centers,” Bourla announced.

“This is happening because we see the environment changing in Greece. You know, feel welcome to come and invest. I am so happy that my country is doing so well because I know how the global business environment thinks about Greece right now,” he added.

When asked why Pfizer chose Thessaloniki as a site for its digital hubs, Gariboldi stated that the reasons are many, and highlighted that the northern Greek city is itself a hub for knowledge and education in the Balkans.

“Greece offers quite remarkable talents at a very competitive cost, as well as a developed field of startups,” Gariboldi noted.

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