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Shutdown of BlackBerry Phones Signals End of an Era

BlackBerry phones, once seen in the hands of countless executives, actors, and politicians, no longer worked at all as of Tuesday, when the company stopped service on devices that had not yet switched from the company's operating system to...

How Many Days Will You Have to Work For An iPhone 13?

The new iPhone 13 is the most sought-after digital item for millions of people around the world now -- but its cost makes it all but prohibitive for many middle class families across the world. While the brand-new iPhone 13...

#AppleToo Demands Accountability at Apple

Several Apple employees have recently launched a campaign called #AppleToo to cast light on issues of discrimination at Apple. The group formed last week. The #AppleToo campaign aims to create a movement for employees to speak out on the marginalization...

The Greek Who Brought Medical Animation to the Country

Greece's budding medical animation field owes its existence to Manolis Babatsikos. At a time when many Greeks were leaving the country for more opportunities, the 33-year-old left his job abroad at entertainment giant Warner Bros. and moved back home in...

Ancient Greek Inventions That are Still Used Today

Many Ancient Greek inventions, created many centuries ago, still play an incredibly large role in our daily lives today.

Internet Use Skyrockets in Greece During Lockdown

Internet use skyrocketed in Greece while the country's population was under a strict lockdown, data from Greek market researcher Focus Bari suggests.

Greek Scientist Develops Pioneering 6G Technology

A Greek scientist is developing 6G technology after receiving a 2 million euro grant to pursue the project at Queen’s University, Belfast.

Innovation Hub to Be Created on Former Industrial Site in Greece

An innovation hub for Greece may be in the works for an abandoned industrial site visited by Greek PM Kyriakos Mitsotakis on Wednesday.

Hundreds of Greek Scientists Abroad Apply to Join Pfizer in Thessaloniki

The US pharmaceutical giant Pfizer has received over 3,500 applications for the 200 spots that are open at its digital hub in Thessaloniki. A substantial portion of the applicants, representing twenty percent, are from Greeks living abroad. Thessaloniki's digital hub, which...

One Quarter of Greek Women Did Not Use the Internet Last Year

According to data released by the European Union's "Women in Digital Scoreboard 2020" on Tuesday, one in four Greek women did not use the internet at all last year. In all of Europe, just one in ten women had not...