Greek News Agriculture Greek Farmer From Thessaloniki Wins EU Young Farmers Prize for 2020

Greek Farmer From Thessaloniki Wins EU Young Farmers Prize for 2020

Pavlos Tsakiris. Photo credit: Video shot from

36-year old farmer Pavlos Tsakiris from Neochorouda, Thessaloniki was declared on Friday the winner of this year’s prestigious ”EU Young Farmers Prize”.
More specifically, Tsakiris won the first prize in the category environmentally-sustainable champion in farming, during this year’s online 6th European Congress of Young Farmers.
Tsakiris, who is currently the CEO of the ”Tsakiris Family,” won for adopting and implementing environmental and climate practices in the field, which contribute to the conservation of biodiversity and ecosystems.
During this year’s competition, more than 200 young farmers from 21 Member States of the European Union competed.
Following his win, Tsakiris noted in a press statement on the website of his business that ”because of our hard work, our constant need to offer high-quality products as well as the love for what we do, we have managed to achieve this great recognition together.”
Tsakiris’ business is a family company that has worked in the agricultural and food industry since 1963 in Greece’s Central Macedonia.


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