Hollywood Maria Menounos' Parents Both Hospitalized With COVID

Maria Menounos’ Parents Both Hospitalized With COVID

Maria Menounos' parents
Maria Menounos at “Skipperventions” event in NYC.

Famous Greek-American host Maria Menounos‘ parents have both been hospitalized with COVID-19. Menounos announced that she took a weeklong break from hosting her podcast and daily show, “Better Together”, because of her parents’ hospitalization.

Menounos’ mother Litsa was already fighting brain cancer when she tested positive for COVID. Her father Constantinos was diagnose just hours after her mother.

The Greek-American host talked about the difficult of trying to be there for her parents and take care of them when she can’t see them in person. However, she said there are still ways family members can support their relatives hospitalized with the virus.

Menounos is trying her best to be supportive, to be an advocate for her parents, and to keep in touch. She explained, “I can’t say enough about these nurses who are now having to manage FaceTime sessions. That’s not part of their job”.

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