Sports Basketball Antetokounmpo's Girlfriend Sends Loving Goodbye to Greece

Antetokounmpo’s Girlfriend Sends Loving Goodbye to Greece

Mariah Riddlesprigger and her son Liam Antetokounmpo in Nafpaktos. Credit: SincerelyyMariah/Instagram

Mariah Riddlesprigger, a stunning athlete in her own right and the girlfriend of Milwaukee Bucks player Giannis Antetokounmpo, sent a moving goodbye to Greece, her boyfriend’s birthplace, in an Instagram post on Wednesday.
The young mother posted a picture with their baby son, Liam, who was born in February, in the picturesque seaside town of Nafpaktos in western Greece. In the post, Mariah noted that she has fallen in love with Greece after spending extended periods of time in the Mediterranean country since meeting Giannis, who was born to Nigerian parents and raised in Athens.
Ever since Liam, the couple’s son, was born, Mariah and Giannis say that they now have another “partner in crime” to tag with them along as they go on their adventures in Greece. In her post, Mariah expressed her joy that Liam would be raised with a multicultural background, courtesy of his father’s own upbringing.
Spending the past several off-seasons in Greece has been surreal. Growing up, the only place I ever dreamed of traveling to was Greece,” Mariah gushed in her post. Now, she’s had the opportunity to immerse herself into Greek culture, and she has even begun learning the notoriously difficult language.
Although she loves the country’s beautiful waters, “the clearest (she’s) ever seen,” and delicious food, Mariah revealed that the best part of spending time in Greece is “the places and the people that are a part of Giannis’ story.”
She concluded her heartwarming post with “Σ’ αγαπώ Ελλάδα,” or “I love you Greece,” ending her love letter to the country that has completely enchanted her.

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