Canada The Greek Pilot Who Makes Wishes of Canadian Children Come True

The Greek Pilot Who Makes Wishes of Canadian Children Come True

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Dimitri Neonakis, a Greek-Canadian pilot from Messinia who lives and works in Nova Scotia, Canada, impresses all in the local community with his inspiring way of expressing his solidarity with his fellow citizens — especially the younger ones.

Following the terrorist attacks of April, 2020 in Nova Scotia, where 22 people tragically lost their lives, Neonakis wanted to find a unique way to express his solidarity with his community.

So he decided to begin creating figures in the sky with his airplane as a way to transmit symbols and messages of solidarity in the air. After these routes are depicted on a map, they show what he says are uplifting images of hope.

Greek pilot
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Following this unusual gesture, Neonakis decided to take a further step and introduce the ”Dream Wings” initiative, which gives children with mobility issues and serious health conditions the opportunity to take a once-in-a-lifetime ride on his plane.

Neonakis has now managed to give many children this experience, who not only get the chance to enjoy the ride but also to fulfill one of their dreams and forget about the difficulties in their lives for a few hours.

Neonakis’ Dream Wings initiative, as well as his unique way of ”drawing” messages in the air, is a clear demonstration of what a man of compassion and determination can achieve, even during such difficult and dark times as the ones we are all experiencing right now.

Congratulations, Dimitri!

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