Greek News Energy Volkswagen to Turn Greece's Astypalaia into Green Energy Island

Volkswagen to Turn Greece's Astypalaia into Green Energy Island

The Greek island of Astypalaia. Credit: Wikimedia Commons

The Greek island of Astypalaia will be the site of a major new investment enterprise, helmed by the Volkswagen corporation.
Greek PM Kyriakos Mitsotakis and officials from the German automaker will announce on Wednesday the details of a plan to bring electric cars and clean energy to the island’s 1,334 residents as part of their environmentally-friendly project.
The German automaker says it turn Astypalaia it into an energy-independent “green” island.
The investment includes testing Volswagen’s own series of electric cars, including buses and trucks, and building a large network of charging stations for electric vehicles across the island.
The investment comes with the support of the Greek government, which aims to increase the use of electric vehicles in the country, as part of the country’s plan to move toward renewable energy sources.
Greece has been a leader in renewable energy resources in all of Europe, with green energy sources, including wind farms and solar power, now covering a substantial portion of the country’s needs.

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