Greek News Crime Varoufakis Testifies He Was Under Surveillance For Supporting Assange

Varoufakis Testifies He Was Under Surveillance For Supporting Assange

Greece’s former Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis claimed on Tuesday he was under surveillance by private company UC Global, which was spying on Julian Assange during his stay in the Embassy of Ecuador in London.
Varoufakis, who testified through a teleconference hosted in Greek courts as a witness for the prosecution against UC Global, said that the Spanish prosecutors, who are conducting the investigation against the company, have piles of his personal data in their possession.
He added that he has seen some of the illegally-obtained data, which include video recordings, documents, recordings of his conversations with Julian Assange, “even my wife’s passport”, he told The Press Project.
The company in question had a contract with US authorities and is being investigated for potential violations of the rights of Varoufakis and other visitors of Julian Assange’s.
More specifically, the investigation is focusing on the illegal video and sound recordings of private conversations between Varoufakis and Assange which were secretly obtained by the security agency.
It also pertains to the illegal collection of copies of Varoufakis’ passport, as well as the contents of his mobile telephone — all of which was transmitted from UC Global to the US government.
Varoufakis told The Press Project that he will file a lawsuit against the company and will continue to pursue and publicize the case against those “trying to destroy Julian Assange because he did what all journalists should by revealing the truth.”
The following videos which show the meeting between Varoufakis and Assange are in the possession of the Spanish prosecutors in the case against UC Global.