Greece Greek Jet Setters Rush to Book Winter Vacations in Arachova

Greek Jet Setters Rush to Book Winter Vacations in Arachova

The stunning Greek resort town of Arachova, near Mt. Parnassus and the Delphi archaeological site. Credit: VisitGreecegr/Twitter

Top winter destinations in Greece, particularly the towns of Arachova and Kalavryta, have noted a rise in bookings for the upcoming holiday season.
Greek jet setters, who would usually celebrate the holidays in winter destinations outside of the country, are booking — and even purchasing homes — in Greece’s own scenic towns due to the coronavirus.
Arachova, located at the foot of Mt. Parnassus, is often refered to as the “Mykonos of the Winter” owing to its sophisticated winter-time residents and famous nightlife.
Its proximity to Athens makes is the perfect playground for cosmopolitan Greeks during the colder months, yet the resort town, which looks much like a Swiss mountain village, also receives international tourists as well.
Just outside of the town, around the mountain, lies the archaeological site of Delphi, with its many priceless historical treasures –some of which continue to be excavated to this day — and first-class museum.
Lockdowns in Europe, second waves of Covid-19, and increased measures in Greece mean that many are re-thinking international travel this year, and choosing to stay in Greece instead.
Reportedly, real estate agents and owners of holiday rental properties have been flooded with requests for homes in many of Greece’s winter destinations for Christmas.
At a time when tourism has been negatively impacted by the pandemic, those in the business in Arachova are seeing larger numbers now than they had even in pre-Covid years.