Canada Air Canada to Resume International Flights to Athens, Greece

Air Canada to Resume International Flights to Athens, Greece

Air Canada will be one of the first airlines in North America to resume flights to Athens, Greece for international travelers from Montreal and Toronto. Photo credit:

While the airline industry continues to struggle with adapting to Covid-19 regulations, Air Canada announced that it will resume its flights to Athens from Montreal and Toronto.

The easing of travel restrictions for the country’s citizens comes after the European Union’s meeting on Wednesday, July 1, which allowed travelers from Canada to enter Greece. Air Canada – when it was given clearance – decided to resume operations as a result.

Restrictions and health protocols implemented in order to curb the spread of Covid-19 have caused nearly a 90 percent drop in travel for the airline industry since the borders closed.

While Air Canada is able to continue their flights to Greece, companies south of the border are not so lucky, with them still being unable to fly out due to bans that remain in place for tourists.

As a result, many airlines flying seasonal routes from the US to Athens were forced to cancel their services. United Airlines was one of the first to do so, offsetting its entire summer 2020 schedule of flights between Newark, New Jersey to Athens.

American Airlines soon followed, with cancellations of its flights to Athens from O’Hare International Airport in Chicago as well as flights from Philadelphia for the month of August.

Flights from Air Canada will be offered every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from Toronto, and every Thursday and Sunday from Montreal. The routes will be the first non-stop flights to Greece from North America to be offered since the lockdown in mid-March.

Delta Airlines, which operates from New York’s JFK Airport, also suspended flights to Athens in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic and regulations, along Emirates Airlines.

Additional information regarding Air Canada’s flight schedule to Greece can be found here.

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