Greece Athens University Assembles 3D Printing Team to Produce PPE for Greece

Athens University Assembles 3D Printing Team to Produce PPE for Greece

Martin Suda, CIIRC ‰VUT

Groups of researchers from various departments and laboratories of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (NKUA) have coordinated their efforts and joined forces, with the initial goal of producing face shields using 3D printing.
These face shields, which have been tested by doctors and the staff of the NKUA Medical School university clinics, are used as a supplement and always as an adjunct to the basic essential protection equipment that must be worn, including specialized masks, gloves, and so on.
It is estimated that the number of protective face shields that the team can make is fifty per day.
With the support of the rector’s office, the staff of the Analytical Chemistry Laboratory of the Department of Chemistry and the NKUA Property Management and Utilisation Company, approximately 2,000 face shields are expected to be manufactured and distributed free of charge by the end of May.
The first batches of the personal protective equipment are to be distributed on Monday.
Additionally, members of the NKUA’s 3-D Printing team are also involved in the design and production of both portable and fixed ventilators for use in intensive care units, air filter adaptors and air system adaptors, full-face snorkeling mask filter adaptors, hard body mouth-nose masks, and other PPE items.
To date, ten groups, comprised of faculty members, researchers, PhD candidates and other students, have participated in this volunteer effort. A total of twenty-five 3D printers, using a method called Stereolithography, Fused Deposition Modeling, are being used to create the much-needed medical equipment.
Source: AMNA

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