Greek News Culture BBC Offers Some Translations of Trending Greek Expressions

BBC Offers Some Translations of Trending Greek Expressions

Love was in the air on February 14, since it was Valentine’s Day and the BBC certainly took notice of the holiday. BBC radio offered up some English translations of love-inspired Greek terms, such as “philotimo” and “philoxenia,” which are difficult for non-Greek speakers to translate.

Their report made it easy for loved ones to communicate, giving a new Greek twist to this day of lovers. “Philotimo,” according to the BBC report, translates as “love of honor.” It added that “The term essentially means doing good and demonstrating exemplary behavior.”

“Philoxenia” is a trending concept at the moment. People are trying their best to define this Greek term, which is literally translated as “friend to the stranger,” and symbolizes hospitality.

The BBC went on to translate this term as meaning “far more than just an eagerness to show hospitality or a warm welcome.” It’s all about inviting someone into your space, heart, home, and family.

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