Greece Vouliagmeni, Diving Into the Blue Well of the Devil (Video)

Vouliagmeni, Diving Into the Blue Well of the Devil (Video)

Exploring the submarine world.

There are many amazing places visitors can discover in Greece, some of which are quite unexpected. In Vouliagmeni — in the Athenian Riviera — the Blue Well of the Devil is one of those magical views that Greece can offer.
Located in the second port of Vouliagmeni, the Blue Well of the Devil is an 11-meter deep hole, with a diameter of 3 meters, located in the center of the bay, right where the rocks end and the sandy bottom starts.
Protective rails placed at the end of the well prevent divers from penetrating the submarine cave. The currency in the area is usually weak, not requiring much effort on the part of the divers.
Back in the mid-1970s, two US military officers who were serving at the then American base, were exploring the underwater tunnel — a task that undertook an unfortunate twist. Both military officers were reported missing and their remains were not found until 1982.
Footage below (Courtesy of Updrones, Mixanitouxronoy)

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