“The Greek” : The Story of the One Armed Boxer (Full Documentary)

Fighting with One Arm is Not His Only Obstacle

The story of 28-year-old Vaggelis Chatzis, the subject of a new GreekReporter documentary, starts in Athens where he was born with a life-threatening tumor in his hand. Shortly after his family makes the harrowing journey to the US to save his life. Doctors determine 3-month-old Chatzis requires a vital operation. He manages to survive the dangerous surgery that results in the removal of his right arm. Always dreaming to become a Greek warrior, Vaggelis grows up in a rough neighborhood, and surrounded by gangsters, his only way out was to join their endeavors. Facing intense bullying, he moves to England after graduating from high-school to escape what he calls “living like a thug” and his best friends death. It is in the rough neighborhoods of Nottingham that he discovers his love for boxing, and decides to leave his dark past behind in order chase the impossible. Two years ago Chatzis returned to Greece and started boxing professionally after a semi-pro career in the UK. After headlining some of the biggest boxing events in Greece, recently Chatzis moved to Los Angeles, CA to put the foundations for a career in America. Among the Greek fighters accomplishments are four wins in professional boxing matches and the No Limits title belt.

Watch the Full Documentary:

The documentary’s online release was made possible by JAPONICA PARTNERS.

Greek Reporter has undertaken the task to turn meaningful Greek stories into documentaries and Chatzis’ story was one of the first to film. This young Greek fighter and his daily struggles inside and outside the ring run in parallel with most of the Greeks as they are trying to survive in one of the worst economic periods for Greece. Chatzis, like most Greeks today find strength in their heritage to continue their tough stuggle. After losing his one arm – and against all odds- Chatzis is still determined to follow his passion for boxing and become one of Greece’s brightest boxers.

Recently Chatzis moved to Los Angeles, CA to put the first foundations for a career in America.

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