Greece 'Sense Zagori Project,' an Initiative to Promote the Region of Zagori

'Sense Zagori Project,' an Initiative to Promote the Region of Zagori

The National University of Athens and the Zagoria Excellence Network presented the launch of “Sense Zagori Project,” a project that concerns the promotion and development of Zagori and the wider region.
“Sense Zagori Project” aims to the total restart of the area and the local sustainable development through modern tools that seek:
– the interconnection with the world wide web
– the upgrade of the services offered
– the increase of visitors
The project will be implemented in two phases and includes a series of acts to render the village friendlier to the visitor. It is estimated that the “Sense Zagori Project” will increase visitors by 10 percent annually for the first five years while boosting employment and supporting youth employment.
(source: ana-mpa)

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