Greek News Archaeology 22 Shipwrecks Discovered in Greek Archipelago

22 Shipwrecks Discovered in Greek Archipelago

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The Fourni Archipelago in the North Aegean Sea in Greece is the site of an archaeological underwater discovery that yielded findings from 22 different shipwrecks that took place over a span of more than 2,000 years.
According to Discovery News, the recovered items are from various periods ranging from the Archaic period dating between 700 and 480 B.C., to the Late Medieval Period in the 16th century. More than half of the team’s discoveries were built in the late Roman period which lasted from 300 to 600 AD.
A team composed of Greek and American scientists made the discovery
“Surpassing all expectations, over only 13 days we added 12 percent to the total of known ancient shipwrecks in Greek territorial waters,” Discovery quotes Peter Campbell, from the University of Southampton and the co-director from US based RPM Nautical Foundation, as saying.
The cargoes from the shipwreck have also provided scientists with new insight on the conduction of trade in the area throughout these historical periods. They indicate that trade was ongoing among the areas of the Black Sea, the Aegean Sea Cyprus the Levant and Egypt.
Greek director George Koutsouflakis expressed his positive surprise over the discovery.
“In a typical survey we locate four or five shipwrecks per season in the best cases,” Koutsouflakis said. “We expected a successful season, but no one was prepared for this. Shipwrecks were found literally everywhere.”

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