Greece Three Percent of the World's Top Scientists are Greek

Three Percent of the World's Top Scientists are Greek

Nicholas Metropolis (right) was a Greek-American physicist who designed the MANIAC I computer in 1952
Greeks may be only 0.2 percent of the world population but 3 percent of top international scientists are of Greek nationality, says a survey.
John Ioannidis, Professor of Medicine at Stanford University, conducted the research and presented it on Saturday at the Panhellenic Medical Conference in Athens.
Ioannidis gave a lecture in memory of prominent Doctor and Professor Dimitris Trichopoulos who died in December 2014. The title was “The exodus of Greek scientists – a meta-analysis,” and the survey showed statistics for a total of 672 scientists with Greek names who have the most influence in the international scientific bibliography. The professor used statistical data from the Google Scholar database.
On average, the 672 Greek scientists have received 17,000 reports each in the international scientific bibliography. Only one in seven of them (14 percent) lived or live in Greece, 86 percent of them live abroad where several of them were born, and 33 of them have passed away.
                                George Papanicolaou, the Medical Doctor who invented the “pap” test. 
In the wider scientific community there are about 20 million authors who have made at least one scientific publication. Greek names represent about 1 percent of those, meaning 200,000, while Greek names represent 3 percent of all scientists.
The most ancient Greek scientist, Aristotle, is constantly used as a reference in the scientific bibliography.
Statistically, out of the 672 leading Greek scientists, only 95 (14 percent) are located in Greece. More than half (376 people or 56 percent) live and work in the United States, 60 scientists (9 percent) in the United Kingdom, 31 in Canada, 24 in Germany, 20 in France, 19 in Switzerland, 17 in Australia, 9 in Cyprus, while 21 Greek scientists live and work in various other countries.
Most Greek scientists in the U.S. live and work in California (74), followed by Massachusetts (64), New York (62). In Greece there are 48 scientists in various cities and 47 in Athens, in London, England there are 31 Greek scientists, 21 in Texas, 21 in Pennsylvania, 19 in Oxford and Cambridge, 17 in Connecticut and 15 live and work in Illinois.

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