The 15 Greek Startups that Rocked Web Summit 2014

Although Greece is facing one of its toughest financial times, some of the most exciting early stage companies that exhibited at Web Summit 2014 in Dublin this past weekend were from the crisis hit country, proving that the young generations are working hard to rebuild the country’s economy!

It is one of the world’s most ancient civilizations, yet the impact that Greece has had on society can still be strongly felt today. The Greeks developed the first concept of democracy as we know it, way back in 508BC. They gave us our modern understanding of maths and geometry through Pythagoras, Archimedes and Euclid. Their early dramatists laid the foundations for the stories we enjoy in the theatre, on TV and at the cinema. They even invented frappé coffee and, as it turns out they probably came up with the pizza too (sorry, Italy).

Meanwhile, in the 21st Century and while facing one of the worst financial crisis in Europe they continue to innovate under the radar, creating new ways for us to live our lives. These Greek Startups are all cases in point, and they all impacted Web Summit 2014 in Dublin.

The Gadget Flow

The team behind The Gadget Flow aim to regenerate the whole idea of online gadget hunting through their remarkable storehouse of carefully handpicked products. Having over 30 million page views and 100,000+ app downloads, their big time aspiration lies in enhancing the overall experience of web shopping. The Wishlist feature and their mobile apps (both for Android and iOS) are the latest steps on that journey.


This award-winning app lets users record horizontal videos and photos regardless of their device’s orientation. Having been recently updated, the app now also provides horizontal photo support with full resolution photo mode, the ability to uninterruptedly take photos while recording a video, horizontal video recording at up to 2K resolution (2592×1936) and in slow motion.


Bare-square is an independent analytics consultancy, specializing in web, mobile and social media analytics and optimisation. Active across Europe, the company’s services include a wide range of options, from ad hoc consulting for specific issues to long-term, integrated solutions, including data management, monitoring & reporting, and consulting.


Nannuka is Greece’s first website targeted towards parents that want to find experts for their children offering services that range from fun activities to dedicated experts such as tutors, nannies and psychologists that have been rated and approved by Nannuka’s team.


Travelmyth is a hotel search engine where you can find recommendations for the best hotels based on your interests. Instead of asking you to name your destination – like most other hotel search engines do – travelmyth only ask you to select what you like from a list of hotel themes.



tizU is an iPhone app that allows you to send hidden messages to your friends. Inspired by your own creativity, you can use the app to tease your best friend about the gift you bought for her or him, about who you dated on Saturday night. Tease your friends about the scorer of Sunday’s match, or just send a tizU saying where you hid the chocolates…


Moosend is an internet service that allows you to design and send your email marketing campaigns and track the results from an easy-to-use web interface


Olabord is an experience centric, location based, mobile app. It facilitates communication between people who don’t know each other but have the same interests and happen to be in the same place. It also provides businesses and individuals with the ability to broadcast ultra relevant content and communicate with mobile users locally – without shouting all over the internet.



reEmbed is a cross-platform service that allows users to create a customisable embedded player for their videos. reEmbed allow users to analyse viewer data in real time and there is also the option for monetising videos with a variety of ad formats.


Peekintoo is offering a completely new way to perceive and virtually witness anything that is happening around the world, almost in real-time and upon request. Now, you are able to request and receive real-time ‘Peeks’ – 12 seconds videos from anyplace in the world, anonymously. Imagine thousands of users around the world willing to share real-time Peeks from your area of interest. Imagine also being able to request such Peeks whenever you want from places you intend to visit soon. You can even instantly gather valuable live content from breaking news incidents but also from interesting events around the world.

Ask & Give

The Ask & Give app lets you create an instant ‘virtual community’ around a subject – be it an old piece of furniture, an item of clothing, a pet you lost, an idea, a service you need – and share it with strangers around you for free. Ask & Give anything to anyone around you – get rid of what you don’t need, or ask for what you do need.


Museotechniki Ltd. is conducting research and development in fields of emerging technologies (such as 3D Printing and Internet of Things) searching for sustainable and scalable ways to support the museum community. is their flagship product providing educators access to 3D Printed-on-Demand museum artefacts. They assist museums with the technology and skills needed to make their collections 3D printable and they integrate our 3D print-on-demand and fulfilment service into their web and mobile applications.


An online barter marketplace where individuals and companies can trade goods, services and real-estate. Through the application of their unique and proprietary matching algorithm tradeNOW connect supply with demand and make barter trading easier than ever. For companies tradeNOW is a business tool to trade excess capacity, attract and retain customers. For individuals, tradeNOW is a modern barter community where they can trade what they have in exchange for goods and services they want – to save money and protect the environment.

Taxlinked is an online community for international tax professionals, including advisers, law firms, trustees, banks, company-formation agents and tax clients. lets you create a network of fellow professionals, find new business through referral, create and share content, promote your business, publicise events and more.


A cloud-based platform developed for small hotels, tourist lodgings, holiday apartments and B&Bs as well as for both online and traditional travel agencies worldwide. Roomcase offers a highly-comprehensive tech solution to enable lodging owners to manage all their reservations and clients from one place. Moreover, Roomcase provides travel agencies with real-time room availability online in addition to allowing for all trending payment models.

(With information from the Web Summit Blog / Aaron Devine)

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