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Germany Returns Greek Antiquities

antiquitiesAn event was held on July 7  for the repatriation of over 10,600 ancient Greek artifacts from the Neolithic Era. The event took place at the auditorium of the Directorate of Documentation and Protection of Cultural Goods of the Greek Ministry of Culture. The Greek antiquities were illegally transferred from Greece to Germany during World War II.
Greek and foreign officials, the German ambassador to Greece, the director of the German Pfahlbaumuseum, and Angelica Douzougli, Honorary Curator of Antiquities were present at the event of the return of the artifacts to their home.
Douzougli, whose doctoral dissertation led to the discovery of the material, spoke of how her search began in the 70s, from a prehistoric archaeology seminar at the University of Nuremberg, Germany, where she was studying and where her interest focused on agricultural and animal breeding communities of Thessaly.
The Director of Antiquities and Cultural Heritage of the Greek Ministry of Culture, Maria Vlazaki said: “The repatriation of the material is a double cause of joy…as German, Greek and Austrian archaeologists worked closely together to make this happen.”

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