Life entertainment Luxurious Party Held in Chalkidiki

Luxurious Party Held in Chalkidiki

Parti ChalkidikiAn extremely luxurious party hosting international wealthy businessmen was held on May 1st in Chalkidiki, northern Greece.
The event was organized for the opening of the “Pomegranate Wellness Spa Hotel” in Nea Potidea, in Chalkidiki and cost one million euros. Rumor has it that the party was organized by the same company that organized the opening ceremony of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. The event, lavishly decorated with hundreds of white roses and purple hydrangeas, cost about 200,000 euros and made quite an impression on the guests.
The party was attended by some of the wealthiest Russian and international businessmen, politicians and celebrities. Among the guests were Kamo Avagoumian, Samvel Karapetyan and Arsene Kanokov, who are listed among the 100 richest people in Russia and the Greek-Russian Ivan Savvides, who was accompanied by the Russian Culture Minister, Vladimir Medinsky. Moreover, a Russian billionaire who has been listed among the 10 richest people of the country and whose name remains unknown, also attended the event.
The party included 130 artists, music and dance performances, wizards, sports events, laser show, a four-course gourmet dinner and a concert by the renowned Greek singer Antonis Remos. The concert however, was interrupted by the police as it was allegedly disturbing the peace.

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