Greece 'Athens Insiders' Give Tourists a Different City Experience

'Athens Insiders' Give Tourists a Different City Experience

athens-insiders-660How to set Greece in motion is the center of countless discussions, with main ideas focusing around two themes: tourism and faith in “new blood.” Just a few days ago, U.S. magazine “New York Times” featured a story on the successful undertaking of four young Greeks — Anthia Vlassopoulou, Alexis Fridas, Natali Kontou and Dafni Tragaki, better known as ‘Athens Insiders’ — who combined their ideas and forces to create a tourist proposal, which although already popular abroad, was not available in Greece.
Athens Insiders offer customized holidays, giving visitors of Athens the opportunity to explore the city more “in-depth” than written in guides. While having the four Greeks by their side as personalized guides, foreign visitors get an experience of Athens that all tourists want to have when visiting a foreign city, but rarely get.
Tourists who sign up for the unique experience, get to see all the hidden aspects of Athens and the daily routine of its citizens, as well as the opportunity to participate in thematic tours, customized programs such as a shopping tour through the glamorous area of Kolonaki, in walks focused around discovering eating spots or getting to taste traditional Greek coffee and homemade pies. Athens Insiders can even provide a kitchen chef who takes the visitors along shopping with him in the central meat or fish market in Athens where they can enjoy a cup of coffee, prior to preparing Greek dishes together in Athenian homes.
Taking part in this tailor-made experience is very simple, as the interested tourist has to only visit the website ( and fill out an application form, stating any interests and special requests. Everything else is then organized by the team of Athens Insiders, who get in contact with the tourists to shape the schedule together.

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