Greece After 14 Years, Athina Onassis Plans to Visit Greece

After 14 Years, Athina Onassis Plans to Visit Greece

Athina Onassis Roussel, granddaughter and heiress of one of Greece’s most successful and famous tycoons, Aristotle Onassis, is reportedly planning a visit to Skorpios, the island her grandfather bought, almost 14 years after she last visited her homeland.
A number of Greek media said she will visit Skorpios before the end of this month. Employees on the private island near Lefkada are reportedly making preparations to receive the 27-year-old, who will possibly be accompanied by her husband, Brazilian horse show jumper Alvaro de Miranda Neto, and a select number of friends.
She has visited the island twice after her mother died, once when she was eight and then on November 18-19, 1998 with her father Thierry Roussel and their media adviser and spokesman Alexis Mantheakis, to hold a memorial service on the 10th anniversary of the death of Athina’s mother, Christina Onassis.
The three were accompanied by her ex-SAS bodyguards and Greek bodyguards. A flotilla of boats carrying international and local TV crews and journalists anchored off the island to try and cover the event and to get footage with telescopic lenses as only one photographer was allowed onto the island.
Until recently, when she said she wanted to get closer to her heritage, she said she had an aversion to anything Greek and has been barred from taking control of the foundation in Athens bearing her father’s name. Greece is said to be only one stop of the couple’s summer vacation.

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