Greece Golden Dawn Targets Greek Homosexual Community

Golden Dawn Targets Greek Homosexual Community

Greek nationalist group Golden Dawn has stirred up controversy and turmoil once again by publicly taking a rigid stance against the “sick and abnormal” homosexuals.
Despite the international medical associations declaring homosexuality a personal and free choice of sexual behavior, the General Secretary of the far-right party told reporter Stavros Theodorakis during an interview that homosexuals are an abnormal part of Greek society. “I wouldn’t feel proud if I were a fag,” added party leader Nikos Michaloliakos.
When asked if Golden Dawn has homosexual members, Michaloliakos noted that there are no particular tests to perform on his party members to know for sure who is homosexual and who is not. Being openly homosexual and being a member of Golden Dawn at the same time is impossible, according to the General Secretary of the party.
The president of hospital doctors of Greece Dimitris Varnavas took a very unfavorable view of Michaloliakos’ comments and denounced the extreme and medieval social belief depicting homosexuality as an abnormality or disease. According to Varnavas cited in, it is outrageous for the leader of the party to claim there are no tests to certify whether somebody is homosexual or not, implying that homosexuality is a disease that can be diagnosed through medical or lab tests.
“Homosexuality is a sexual preference and human right of the free people living in free democratic regimes. No one has to interfere with it, judge or place it among diseases,” explained Varnavas.
Spokesperson of the Homosexual Groups of Greece Gregory Vallianatos commented on his behalf that the homosexual community of Greece includes people who are fully aware of their rights and responsibilities. “They are not afraid of any Michaloliakos or any Golden Dawn; and they obviously do not make discounts on their pride. After all, there are homosexuals in every Greek party,” added Vallianatos.
According to his interview with a Greek TV show on Michaloliakos’ remarks, Vallianatos said that he has been a victim of Golden Dawn twice in the past, underlining that it is about time for Greek police to do something about those people threatening others. “What Michaloliakos said was a direct threat against all homosexuals. He may be cool or not about him being a ‘fag’, but he beats anyone else who feels proud of being a ‘fag,’” said Vallianatos.
A few days ago, Golden Dawn members dropped leaflets in the Gazi district of Athens, where many homosexuals use to hang out. The leaflets read “After the immigrants you are next,” targeting the homosexual community of the area.

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