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Filio Biniarou: Ready to Take Over Hollywood

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What characterizes Filio as a person is her true passion for acting. What characterizes her as an actor is her infinite passion for different characters. Her strong will and determination, as well as her professionalism helped her make a name in Greece’s eentertainment industry from a young age. Filio Biniarou was born and raised in Athens. She graduated from Capodistrian University in Athens with an English Literature/Theatre major. She is also graduate of IASMOS, one of the most respected acting schools in Greece.

Filio was a cast member in many successful TV shows in Greece: ‘Don’t Say Goodbye’, ‘My Sweetest Lie’, ‘Love’, ‘One Minute Theatre’ as a series regular, recurring guest and recurring Lead. She was cast as the Lead in the independent films: ‘Mary’, ‘Autorious’ and ‘For You’.

We talked with her about making it in Hollywood, acting, and her future plans. We realized  it was her strength in testing herself, her capabilities, and her passion for exploring life that brought this beautiful Greek girl to the City of Angels.

Why did you become an actress?
This is always a hard question to answer. It’s one of those special things that are so personal and you can’t find the right way to put it to words. I’ll try to answer by giving an example. For me, the meaning in life is to pursue everything that can make your heart smile and I was always trying to find that smile since I was a kid. And every time I was preparing for a role, trying to explore the soul of every different character I was portraying, every time I was on set or on stage, I was only sure for one thing: I was happy.

When was your first acting experience?
Eight years ago in the Experimental Stage of the National Theater of Greece! I was having the principal role of the reporter in the surreal drama of Giyom Appolinair ‘Mastoi Of Teiresia’. It was a unique experience. In the drama school our teachers were always talking about the magic an actor feels on stage and that this feeling that cannot be compared to anything. They were right. The moment you step on the theatrical timbre you are elevated in a different sphere and you experience emotions that you have never felt before. It was an amazing experience.

What productions have you participated in?
I was fortunate enough to participate in very successful TV shows and work with all the best directors in Greece. I was series regular to the TV show ‘To Pio Glyko Mou Psema’(My Sweetest Lie) playing with Thanassi Efthimiadi and Sofia Aliberti who are among the top actors in Greece. Also I was recurring in the TV Show ‘Erotas’ (LOVE), performing with Grigori Valtino and Coralia Caranti who are legendary actors in Greece. Moreover I had a principal dramatic role in the hit show ‘Mi Mou Les Antio’ (Don’t Say Goodbye) and it was an amazing experience and a wonderful adventure to work with Manouso Manousaki, one of the most respected and well established directors in Greece. Literally I was screaming out of happiness when Mr. Manousakis gave me this part. Every actor in Greece dreams to work with him. I had Lead roles in some experimental films in Greece like the film ‘Autorious’, the short ‘Mary’ ect. I also had a part to the international romantic comedy “Gamilio Party’ directed by Christine Crockos and I had a wonderful experience to be part of the film ‘Love at First Sight’ which was screened to Cannes. I always wanted to participate in a feature because film has old fashion romanticism for me, a sense of completion for an actor. Unfortunately you don’t get that opportunity very often in Greece as not many movies are made and most of them do not meet quality standards.

How long have you been in Hollywood? Was it a difficult step?
I am coming and going back and forth to Greece for almost a year and a half. I miss Greece sometimes but nothing can be compared to the happiness I feel when I am in L.A. If it was a difficult step? Well… now that I look back I think that I was crazy back then. One day without much thought, but driven by a strange inner power, I took my suitcase, a plane ticket for L.A., I booked a cheap motel room online and here I was in the city of Dreams. I fulfilled one of my secret aspirations, alone, without knowing a soul, without having anyone to guide me in the beginning. I know it sounds scary and frightening but it was feeling right. From the first moment I stepped my foot in L.A. I felt at home…

What are the differences between Greece and Hollywood?
Oh… from where should I start? I think I can go over and talk for hours on this subject but I will just limit it on one sentence: Hollywood is a city that is open to talent, wants new talent and gives opportunity to people! There is this myth that in Hollywood everything can happen and it’s so moving that this myth becomes true sometimes. Hollywood knows how to keep your hope going and hope is life. Unfortunately my country is not like that. It’s sad if you think the country that gave birth to western civilization and culture doesn’t know to appreciate talent anymore. It’s not to wonder that many Greeks who are so successful in every field didn’t reach their achievement in Greece.

Is most Greek TV and movies as bad as their reputation?
I don’t even have to think to answer that. Unfortunately yes! And I say unfortunately because if someone recalls the movies and the TV shows we used to make back in the 60s, it is just so hard to believe -and so unfair- that now we don’t have this quality in script, acting, directing, cinematography and production anymore. You rarely can find art behind the creation of a show or a film.

What do you like the most in California?
California is a place that you very easily can fall in love with and as when you fall in love it’s not easy to explain what makes your heart beats so fast I think it’s not easy to explain why this state has this positive impact on me. I was actually thinking about that the other days as I was walking on Hollywood Blvd. Maybe I have an answer for you: I think that the dreams and the aspirations of all the struggling artists in this town create a energy that makes the town beats in a unique rhythm, one that makes you part of this crazy pursuit of realization of dreams.

What are your future plans?
I believe that an actor always has to be alert and try to learn every day, that’s why my first priority is to continue my acting classes and become as better as I can as an actress. Of course my participation in a feature film here is one of my valuable future plans. Moreover apart from acting that is my first love, I am also a writer. I have already finished my first feature script and I will do my best to make it happen. I am already in contact with some important people who showed great interest and I am excited!

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