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The Last Words of King Croesus

The last words of king Croesus are a phrase that is still used today, as is the name of the king that is used to describe someone excessively rich

How Did the Ancient Greeks Get Rid of Tyrants?

Ancient Greek laws against tyrants is a very fine subject to explore. Ancient Greece is known for its emerging democracy, many of which sentenced them to death. Scholarly observers have defined classical Athens as a direct democracy. Some have quarreled...

Ancient Greek Lawmaker, Solon, Paves the Road to Democracy

Ancient Greek lawmaker Solon of Athens is the statesman who laid the foundations for today's democracy in the sixth century BC

The Oracle of Delphi’s Advice That Shaped Ancient Greece

Some oracles actually shaped life in Ancient Greece

Greece Finds the Answer – Arrest All Debtors (If They’re Poor)

ATHENS -  Not content with taxing the poor to protect the rich, Greece is putting the arm on the penniless, starting with the arrest of an unemployed Cretan father of seven, whose wife was also jobless. He owed the...

The Elections, The Crisis And Why Greece Urgently Needs A New Solon

For the Greek people, the economic crisis has an aspect of ancient tragedy mixed with a bad theatrical farce, staged on behalf of Ms. Merkel as well as Greek politicians. As the crisis deepens, more than 250,000 people visit...