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The New Thessaloniki Coast: Botanical Gardens and Pools in the Sea

The Prefecture of Central Macedonia on Monday announced plans for the redesign of Thessaloniki’s shoreline, plans that include botanical gardens and swimming pools in the sea. The Governor of Central Macedonia, Apostolos Tzitzikostas, announced in a press conference the vision...

UN Honors Young Activist Trying to Make Greece’s Fishing Industry “Greener”

The UN Environment Program (UNEP) awarded last week the honorary title of Ambassador for the Mediterranean Coast for 2021-22 to Lefteris Arapakis, a young activist who is fighting to save the fishing industry in Greece. Awarded as part of UNEP’s...

Thousands of Shipping Containers Carrying Millions in Cargo Lost in Sea Annually

Shipping containers which are lost to the sea continue to pose a safety threat according to the World Shipping Council. 

Alonnisos in Shock as Spearfisherman Kills Island’s Mascot Seal

The famous seal of Alonnisos island is gone; residents and tourists are shocked by the news of the death of one of the most famous and beloved seals of the island, who was named ''Kostis.'' The devastating news was made...

Greek Cruise Industry Starts Off With a Bang for Summer 2021

The opening up of the Greek cruise industry in 2021 was met with high enthusiasm from travelers and analysts alike; forecasts are optimistic.

Greeks Celebrate Easter on the Beach as Warm Weather Continues

Thousands of Greeks took advantage of the unseasonably warm weather of this Orthodox Easter weekend and rushed to their nearby beaches.

Shark Swimming In Shallows of Greek Beach Alarms Onlookers

A shark was spotted swimming in extremely shallow waters of well-known Greek beach Karathonas on Tuesday afternoon.

Greek Shipowner Ioannis Angelicoussis Dies at 73

Greek shipowner Ioannis Angelicoussis died on Saturday at a central Athens hospital, where he was being treated after a heart attack.

Pavlopetri, Greece’s Ancient Underwater City

Pavlopetri is a small islet off the coast of Laconia in the Peloponnese, where ancient history meets the endless blue of the Mediterranean.

Greeks Defy Cold to Rescue Beached Dolphin

After a passerby spotted a dolphin on the shore of Kariani Beach, near Kavala, locals rushed to save a second dolphin that had somehow become stuck on dry land. A number of volunteers set out to rescue the majestic sea...