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Prince Philip

The Mon Repos Villa in Corfu, Greece, Where Prince Philip Was Born

Prince Philip was born at dining room table of Mon Repos, which means "my rest," and is situated on the coast of the Greek island of Corfu.

Why King Charles’ Mother, Queen Elizabeth, Had Never Visited Greece

During her reign, Queen Elizabeth has visited 120 countries but never Greece, the birthplace of her consort, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh

King Charles Coronation to Feature Greek Orthodox Music

The conductor of one of the choirs that will sing at the coronation of King Charles III will be Dr. Alexandros Ligas, a Greek professor of Orthodox music and founder of the Cappella Romana choir. The coronation is taking place...

King Charles’ Mysterious Links to the Greek Orthodox Faith

King Charles III, whose coronation will take place on Saturday in London, has developed strong links with the Greek Orthodox faith over the last decades. His coronation will include Greek Orthodox chanting as a homage to the king’s late father,...

Prince Philip: The Homeless “Greek God” Shunned by Palace and Churchill

Prince Philip was seen as a "Greek god" when he was young, Queen Elizabeth's bridesmaid said during a panel discussion. Lady Pamela Hicks, 93, who was also Her Majesty's lady-in-waiting and Philip's cousin as well,  has now opened up about...

Greek Prime Minister Meets With King Charles III

On Monday, Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis met with the British monarch King Charles III at Windsor Castle, UK. The two men reportedly discussed a number of issues, including environmentalism and possible restoration plans for the former royal estate at...

The Queen’s Funeral: Britain’s Longest Reigning Monarch Laid to Rest

Queen Elizabeth II's funeral is on Monday. It will take place at London’s Westminster Abbey, the building in which she received her crown as Queen and later married. The royal family, close friends and Heads of State such as Biden...

Princess Alice, Philip’s Mother, and Her Life of Philanthropy in Greece

Prince Philip's mother, Princess Alice, lived a tumultuous life of tragedy but also of great philanthropic work in Greece.

Is Boris Johnson About to Fall?

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is under fire after holding multiple parties in Downing Street ahead of Prince Philip's funeral last Spring. Johnson issued an apology on Friday as outrage swirls around his lockdown-defiant functions. Johnson's office held farewell parties...

Legal Battle over Prince Philip Will

British newspaper The Guardian is seeking to take legal action over the Prince Philip will, after the High Court decided to exclude media from the hearings