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Prince Philip

President of Greece Pays Tribute to Prince Philip with Young Photo

The President of Greece paid tribute to Prince Philip by posting a photograph of his as a young boy dressed as an Evzone guard.

Prince Philip’s Mother Alice and Her Life of Philanthropy in Greece

Prince Philip's mother, Princess Alice, lived a tumultuous life of tragedy but also of great philanthropic work in Greece.

Why Prince Philip Never Officially Visited Greece

Prince Philip, who  passed away on Friday at the age of 99, has never officially visited Greece since his father was exiled.

Prince Philip, Consort of Queen Elizabeth, Dies at 99

Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh and consort of the Queen of England Elizabeth II, passed away early Friday morning at the age of 99 at Windsor Castle. There was no official statement as to the cause of his...

Prince Charles Invited to Greece to Celebrate Bicentennial of Independence

According to a royal source speaking to ITV, Prince Charles is "keen" on attending the bicentennial of Greece's War of Independence in the country. Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis invited Charles, Prince of Wales, to attend the parade honoring the...

Greece’s Great Fire Sale Is On

Greece's pumped-up privatization program, an anxious bid to sell state entities and properties has prompted the British newspaper the The Telegraph to call it Greece's Great Fire Sale because bargains are to be had for investors with money. The article...

Prince Philip Royally Disses Rita Wilson’s Greekness

Actress/singer Rita Wilson made an appearance on "Conan" last week, and talked about her and Tom Hanks' awkward meeting with Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. While visiting Buckingham Palace, Wilson and Hanks were given a rundown on the appropriate code...