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Greek Orthodox Easter

Greek Easter Traditions and Customs Across Greece

Greek Easter is full of ancient traditions and customs, followed faithfully throughout the millennia, making the feast a colorful one.

Greek Orthodox Easter: Everything You Need to Know

Greek Orthodox Easter, or Pascha, is the most important religious feast of the year, with customs and traditions that have been part of Christianity for two thousand years. The 40-day period of Lent before Easter (Πάσχα-Pascha), the solemnity of Holy...

Why Greek Orthodox and Western Easter will Never Coincide After 2700

This year, Catholic and Greek-Orthodox Christians -- who use different liturgical calendars -- celebrate Easter almost one month apart.

Greek Easter Holy Week Liturgies

Greek Easter is the most revered time of the year for religious Greeks as they fast for 40 days, go to confession, and attend long liturgies

The Top Destinations for Greek Easter

With Greek Orthodox Easter fast approaching, Greeks and tourists alike are planning to rush out of urban centers in order to enjoy the unique holiday customs found in destinations across the country. While there are some shared Easter traditions throughout...

The Spectacular Easter Flames On Santorini’s Pyrgos

The flames that light up the Santorini's Pyrgos this Easter will go on as planned. Unfortunately, it will be without visitors to behold it.

Archbishop Elpidophoros Issues Joyful Easter 2021 Encyclical

Archbishop Elpidophoros issued a joyful Easter encyclical just before the greatest feast of the Christian year.

Corfu Celebrates Holy Saturday With ‘Botides’ Tradition (video)

During the morning hours of Holy Saturday on the Greek island of Corfu, there is a unique tradition called “Botides” that takes place in Spianada Square. This year, as every year, the square was packed by locals and tourists...

Local Greek Community Celebrates Easter With Unique Epitaphios Liturgy in Seoul, South Korea (video)

Greek communities around the world are celebrating the Orthodox Easter holiday in traditional ways. Greek Reporter was live from Seoul, South Korea where the unique Epitaphios liturgy recited in the Korean language was attended by locals and Seoul's Greek...

The Story Behind Greece's Red Easter Eggs and How to Make Your Own (Video)

If your Greek, when you were younger you might have noticed that your friends were dipping their Easter eggs in a rainbow of colors, while you were stuck with staining your eggs blood-red - because that's how it's done in...