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How to Spot Fake Versions of Greek Traditional Products

Greek food has won the hearts of millions of people, and traditional cuisine occupies the top places in world rankings. Such a widespread love for Greek products has given rise to an abundance of products that are simply inauthentic. Some...

Olive Oil May Help You Live Longer, Lower Risks from Alzheimer’s Disease

A recent study says that substituting olive oil for butter and other saturated fats could improve your health and extend your lifespan by years. Researchers found that people who have over half a tablespoon of olive oil a day are...

Greece Set to Become Second-Largest Olive Oil Producer in Europe

Greece is set to overcome Italy and become Europe's second-largest olive oil producer after Spain according to a new research report published recently. The Italian Institute for the Agricultural and Food Market of Ismea estimates that olive oil in Italy...

Fossilized Olive Leaves are Reminder of Prehistoric Volcano on Santorini

Fossilized olive leaves from a tree that was alive 60,000 years ago on the island of Thira (the modern Santorini) are immortalized in the volcanic ash that encased them after an eruption. The exquisite fossils were discovered at an old...

How Greek Olive Oil Becomes ‘Italian’

Greece is the second-largest supplier of the Italian olive oil industry, based on an analysis of the Italian olive oil sector by the Greek Embassy's Office of Economic and Commercial Affairs in Milan. In 2021, more than seventy-five percent of...

Why Greek Olive Oil is the Best in the World

Greek olive oil is synonymous with Greek tradition, a healthy diet and its rich history, Called  “Liquid Gold," it epitomizes the country.

Nine Magnificent Museums Showcasing Greece’s Cultural Heritage

Greece is full of museums that showcase the gems of the country's unique and unforgettable cultural heritage through various themes.

Why Greek Olive Oil is the Best in the World

Olive oil, or “Liquid Gold” as Homer called it, has been part of Greece's history since antiquity. It is an irreplaceable part of Greek diet

Greek Olive Oil Exports Increase by 225% Between 2002-2020

Greek olive oil exports have increased by a remarkable 225% in 2002-2020, SEVITEL found in a new report published this Tuesday.

Greek Olive Oil Beaten By Tunisian Version in Canadian Market

Greek olive oil exports to Canada are dropping while Tunisian and Italian olive oil dominate the market according to the most recent figures.