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August 15, 1940: Italians Torpedo Greek Cruiser Elli as a Precursor to War

It was August 15, 1940 when the Italian submarine 'Delfino' torpedoed and sank the Greek light cruiser 'Elli' at Tinos' port during the Word War II. World War II had been raging for almost a year in Europe, with Greece...

Greek Submarine ‘Delfin’ was the First in History to Launch a Torpedo Attack

The Delfin ("Dolphin") was a Greek submarine in service with the Hellenic Navy during the Balkan Wars (1912-13) and the First World War (1914-18). As well as representing a notable part of Greek maritime history, being the second submarine ever...

Greece Takes Part in NATO Exercise “Breeze 2021” in Black Sea

NATO ships from a host of nations, including Greece, are taking part in an exercise called "Breeze 2021" in the Black Sea.

US Joins Four Other Allies, Competing for Frigate Sale to Greece

The US presented to Greece on Tuesday its proposal for the procurement of four modern frigates for the Hellenic Navy.

Greek Navy to Acquire Four New Frigates from United States

According to a report from Seapower Magazine on May 18, the Greek Navy is under discussions with the US on the acquisition of four frigates.

Hellenic Naval Band Performs Good Friday Epitaph Mourning Hymn

The Hellenic Naval Band has released a video of their powerful performance of Good Friday's best known Epitaph mourning hymn.

Greece, Israel, Cyprus and France in Annual Joint Military Exercises

The nations of Greece, Israel, Cyprus and France are now taking part in their annual joint military exercises called "Noble Dina."

Greece, USA Participate in Joint Naval Exercises in Arabian Gulf

Greek and U.S. Coast Guard and naval forces conducted joint exercises in the Arabian Gulf in one of the most strategically-important areas of the world.

Russia Chides Greece Over Ship Inspection Off Libya

Russia reproached Greece and the European Union over the inspection of a Russian cargo vessel by Greek special forces off the coast of Libya earlier in January. The inspection by soldiers from the Hellenic Navy vessel "Adrias," which is the...

Greek Navy Vessel Rammed by Container Ship at Piraeus

A Hellenic Navy minesweeping vessel was badly damaged on Tuesday in the port of Piraeus after it was rammed by a huge container ship. All 27 crew members of the 57-meter minesweeper "Kallisto"were safely evacuated. At least two were being...