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Acclaimed Greek Studies Scholar Peter Mackridge Passes Away

Peter Mackridge, an acclaimed translator and scholar of modern Greek, has died, it was announced on Friday. Mackridge was born in the UK in 1946 and studied modern Greek and French literature at St. Johns College, Oxford. He became an emeritus...

Did the Ancient Greeks See Blue Like We Do?

Linguists and experts in the ancient world have long been puzzled by the absence of a distinct word for the color in Ancient Greek.

Today’s Greeks Are Like Those of 2,000 BC Researchers Find

An anthropological DNA research project which sequenced the genes of ancient populations found that modern Greeks are genetically similar.

Ancient Spartan Dialect Tsakonika Still Alive Despite Ravages of Time

Tsakonika, the language of ancient Sparta, still survives today, despite the ravages of time and the many reversals of fortune in Greece.

Was 1821 a Greek Revolution or a War of Independence?

The Greek War of Independence was the subject of an online lecture co-hosted by the Consulate General of Greece in Boston and College Year in Athens.

Pronunciation of Greek is Major Problem in Speaking the Language

Pronunciation of Greek is the major problem in learning the language, according to an English speaker living on the island of Crete. "My plea to the Greek people would be to please be patient with us and to try and...

Dionysios Solomos: The Greek Poet of Liberty

Dionysios Solomos, born on the island of Zakynthos in 1798, is rightly regarded as the National Poet of Greece for writing "Imnos eis tin Eleftherían," ("Hymn to Freedom"), the first two stanzas of which became the national anthem of...

The Greek Language is Not Dying; It’s Merely Changing

Is the Greek language, one of the most ancient languages in history of mankind, dying due to an avalanche of foreign words being introduced?

Ellinopoula: The Unique Platform that Makes Greek for Kids Exciting

Ellinopoula, an award-winning digital platform, solves the problem for Greek diaspora parents and teachers who want their kids to learn Greek from the comfort of their home. As we celebrate International Greek Language Day on February 9th, Greek diaspora parents...

Greek Language Day: Honoring The Mother of Western Languages

International Greek Language Day is celebrated annually every February 9, the day which also honors the memory of the Greek national poet Dionysios Solomos, who wrote Greece's national anthem ''Hymn to Liberty.'' This celebration seeks to highlight the Greek language’s...