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Greek Language

The History of the Greek Language Throughout Time

Among the world's 2,700 languages, Greek stands out for its centuries-long, unique and continuous path. If we also consider the influence it exerted—both in terms of formation and content—on European as well as other languages, Greek is, without exaggeration,...

The Ex-Slave Who Authored a Greek Language Book

William Sanders Scarborough was an African-American, emancipated slave who authored a Greek textbook. His First Lessons in Greek was written in 1881. The textbook offered Greek to English and English to Greek language practice as well as exercises on...

Never Ask Google to Translate these 22 Funny Greek Expressions

Some Greek expressions are impossible to be translated by Google. Although different cultures tend to produce their own phrases, meanings aren't always the same across borders. Here we collected 22 phrases only Greeks use that if you try to literally...

Learning Greek Made Simple with Online Tutor

Learning Greek online has become a popular method to understand and speak the language for tens of thousands of people throughout the world. Online teaching suits people of Greek heritage that want to connect with their loved ones in Greece...

Popular English Names You Had No Idea Were Actually Greek

It may come as a surprise to many parents choosing a name for their child, but many of the most popular English names are actually Greek!

How Orthodox Martyrs Saved the Greek Language Under Ottoman Rule

The Greek language survived almost 400 years of Ottoman rule due to the Greek Orthodox Church, which protected and taught the language.

Acclaimed Greek Studies Scholar Peter Mackridge Passes Away

Peter Mackridge, an acclaimed translator and scholar of modern Greek, has died, it was announced on Friday. Mackridge was born in the UK in 1946 and studied modern Greek and French literature at St. Johns College, Oxford. He became an emeritus...

Did the Ancient Greeks See Blue Like We Do?

Linguists and experts in the ancient world have long been puzzled by the absence of a distinct word for the color in Ancient Greek.

Today’s Greeks Are Like Those of 2,000 BC Researchers Find

An anthropological DNA research project which sequenced the genes of ancient populations found that modern Greeks are genetically similar.

Ancient Spartan Dialect Tsakonika Still Alive Despite Ravages of Time

Tsakonika, the language of ancient Sparta, still survives today, despite the ravages of time and the many reversals of fortune in Greece.