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US Band “Manowar” Recruits Greek Actors for Odyssey-Themed Song

As part of a press conference before the Release Athens Festival, the founder and bassist for the band "Manowar," Joey DeMaio, announced an epic collaboration between the band and the Greek father-and-son acting duo Costas and Konstantinos Kazakos for...

The Greek Language is the Greatest Ambassador of Hellenism

With over 3,400 years of documented history, the Greek language has heavily influenced all other western languages. By Ada Leivada Whenever Greece faces challenges to its public image, such as it recently did during last decade’s devastating financial crisis, its greatest...

Calabrian Greek, a Language on the Brink of Extinction

There are two minority Greek languages officially recognized in Italy's south. Greko and Griko -- both spoken by the "Calabrian Greeks" -- are both timeless testaments to the ancient Greeks' colonization of southern Italy in the 8th and 7th...

Popular English Names You Had No Idea Were Actually Greek

It may come as a surprise to many parents choosing a name for their child, but many of the most popular English names are actually Greek!

Speaking English Using Greek: Zolotas’ Historic Speech to World Bankers

Many Greeks recall the speeches in English — peppered with Greek-origin words and phrases — given by economist and politician Xenophon Zolotas in the late 1950s. Zolotas was director of the Bank of Greece when he appeared in front of...

Dionysios Solomos: The Greek Poet of Liberty

Dionysios Solomos, born on the island of Zakynthos in 1798, is rightly regarded as the National Poet of Greece for writing "Imnos eis tin Eleftherían," ("Hymn to Freedom"), the first two stanzas of which became the national anthem of...

Greek Among Hardest Languages for English Speakers to Learn

Despite the fact that Greek roots are found throughout English, Greek is among the hardest languages for English speakers to learn.

Greek Among Sexiest Languages in the World, Study Finds

According to new research conducted by the e-learning platform Preply, Greek is the fifth-sexiest language after Russian, French, Portuguese, and Italian, which was rated the sexiest of all the world's languages. In the study, the heart rates of participants from...

Did the Ancient Greeks See Blue Like We Do?

Linguists and experts in the ancient world have long been puzzled by the absence of a distinct word for the color in Ancient Greek.

Young Refugee Teaches Greek Language to Kids Worldwide

A young Palestinian refugee on the Greek island of Leros has set up a page called “Learn Greek” on social media to teach the language.