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The First Ever Cheesecake Was Served to Ancient Greek Olympic Athletes

Cheesecake is one of the most recognizable and popular desserts. You may assume its origins trace back to France or possibly Italy, as the fluffy cream cheesecake has become a staple of traditional bakeries. But cheesecake has a very different...

Kyriakos Grizzly and the Greek Strongman Tradition

Kyriakos Kapakoulak Grizzly, a strongman from the northern Greek city of Kavala, has been making waves online for his feats of incredible strength. The Greek strongman has amassed a significantly large following on YouTube and social media in recent years,...

Kolitsopoulos Becomes First Greek to Win World Wrestling Championship

Arionas Kolitsopoulos became the Greco-Roman wrestling world champion by winning the gold medal in the 71kg category at the U17 World Wrestling Championship held in Turkey. The Greek athlete attained victory by defeating Iranian competitor Iranian Mohammadian 6-5. Once again, the...

Greece Wins Silver in Men’s Water Polo World Championship

Greece was defeated by Hungary 13-14 at shoot-outs at the Men's Water Polo World Championship final and won the silver medal.

Greek Judo Champion Teltsidou Takes Third Grand Slam Gold

Greek judo champion Elisavet Teltsidou took her third Grand Slam title at the Qazaqstan Barysy Grand Slam on Saturday. 

Kyniska of Sparta, the First Female Olympian

Kyniska was a Spartan princess, she went down in history after becoming the first woman to win the Olympics of old.

Greece Wins Two More Medals At The European Rowing Championships

Greece won two more medals on Sunday at the European Rowing Championships 2023 in Bled, Slovenia. 

Greece Wins Two Medals In European Rowing Championships

Greece won one silver and one bronze in Lighweight Women's and Men's Double Sculls respectively at the European Rowing Championships 2023.

Did Ancient Greeks Play Chess?

Chess has been receiving increased attention in the media, as Greek players are performing very well. Lately, the Greek chess team became the highest-ranked team in Europe and 5th in the world while participating in the Kasparov Cup. More...

Eleftherios Petrounias Wins Bronze at European Gymnastics Championships

On Saturday, celebrated Greek gymnast Eleftherios Petrounias won a bronze medal at the 10th European Artistic Gymnastics Championships in the rings category. Despite taking an early lead, Petrounias ultimately placed third in the competition. The championships are being held this...