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Noah’s Flood Fact or Fiction? Scientists Answer

The story of Noah's Ark and the Genesis flood narrative is one of the most famous stories in the Bible, but what is the scientific perspective on this profound biblical story? According to scripture, God, who was displeased with mankind's...

“Genesis” Weather Front Damages Crops, Floods Roads Across Greece

Damaged crops, flooded roads, and hundred of rescue calls from civilians were caused by the "Genesis" weather front in Greece.

Greece Braces for Storms as “Genesis” Weather Front Closes In

Authorities in Greece warn of extreme weather conditions starting on Thursday that have been given the name "Genesis." The Climate Crisis and Citizen Protection Ministry urges people to exercise great caution and avoid unnecessary movement outside when the storm is...

‘Genesis’: The First Greek Doctors Association in Germany

"Genesis" is the name of the first Greek doctors association operating in the region of North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany. The association was founded at the end of 2014 and was officially presented just a week ago in a packed Dusseldorf Municipality hall....