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Archaeological Discovery

Four 1,900-Year-Old Roman Swords Found in Judean Desert

In a remarkable archaeological discovery, experts have unearthed four ancient Roman swords dating back 1,900 years in a cave located within the Judean Desert. These historic weapons are believed to have been seized by Judean rebels during the Bar...

Ancient Humans May Have Used Shoes Over 100,000 Years Ago

The findings made at three archaeological sites in South Africa may show that ancient humans have been wearing footwear for over a hundred thousand years, much older than previously thought. In South Africa, archeologists discovered 153,000-year-old footprints in May 2023....

Archaeological Find Supports Ancient Greek Explorer’s Account of Britons

The discovery of ochre fragments at a Stone Age site in England supports an ancient Greek explorer's account of Britons as "painted people."

New Artifacts Unearthed at Ancient Greek Sanctuary of Helike

Archaeologists have unearthed more artifacts from the ruins of the ancient sanctuary of Poseidon at Helike, southern Greece.

Mystery of How the Pyramids Were Built Solved by Scientists

The mystery of the construction of the pyramids has fascinated researchers for quite some time. People throughout the ages have wondered how these limestone structures were built with such speed and precision New electron microscopy and topographic studies are solving...

Head of Greek Goddess, “Possibly Aphrodite,” Discovered in Rome

Archaeologists in the city of Rome rejoiced to a marvellous find as an exquisite marble head of an ancient goddess, possibly Aphrodite, was unearthed during redevelopment works at an urban square. Preliminary examinations date the ancient work of art to...

Mycenean Era Tomb Unearthed In Central Greece Reveals Its Secrets

A vaulted tomb excavated in the region of Phthiotis, Central Greece, might hint to a yet-undiscovered Mycenean settlement.

The Ancient Greek Fisherman and His Astonishing Villa Mosaics

Phainos was the most famous fisherman of his time who lived in the 2nd century AD in the ancient Greek city of Halicarnassus. His villa, adorned with astonishing mosaics depicting sea creatures, was accidentally discovered by property developers in 2018. Phainos...

Statue Of Man With Hercules Guise Discovered In Rome

An ancient statue of a man wearing a lion headdress, initially thought to be a statue of Hercules, was discovered in Rome, Italy.

Magnificent Ancient Mosaic Unearthed in Athens, Greece

Significant hoard of antiquities were uncovered during excavations in Theatrou Square that were part of a project carried out by the Municipality of Athens. According to the Ministry of Culture, the antiquities were discovered in the southern part of the...