Greek News Archaeology Ancient Greek Statues Unearthed from Tomb East of Athens

Ancient Greek Statues Unearthed from Tomb East of Athens

Ancient Greek statues
Credit: Ministry of Culture

Two ancient Greek statues depicting female figures were uncovered from inside a burial tomb east of Athens, the Greek Ministry of Culture announced on Sunday.

The discovery was made during the construction of the new City Hall of Paiania.

According to a statement by the Ministry of Culture, the tomb is preserved in fragments, and the full-sized female figures were uncovered with their heads missing.

Credit: Ministry of Culture

One of the statues, presumably belonging to a wealthy and prominent individual, sits in an elaborate seat and rests her legs on a low footrest.

She is dressed in a transparent Ionic tunic and robe.

The second statue depicts her physician, according to the statement.

The theme of the representation is typical in the tomb reliefs of the 4th century BC.

Credit: Ministry of Culture

Similar tomb reliefs were discovered in the past and were found in the built-in tombstone in  ​​Markopoulo, Mesogaia, and the cemetery of Kerameikos.

The relief was transferred for safekeeping and maintenance to the Archaeological Museum of Vravrona.

The excavation is continuing and archaeologists say that other historic fragments are likely to be found.

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