Greek News Watch Mena Suvari in 'Paradise Cove' Trailer

Watch Mena Suvari in ‘Paradise Cove’ Trailer

Mena Suvari Paradise Cove
Mena Suvari in “Paradise Cove”/Thunder Studios

Mena Suvari stars in the upcoming psychological thriller “Paradise Cove”, which will be released on VOD on February 12. The trailer for this fun film was finally publicized, and is already making waves.

Suvari stars alongside Todd Grinnell. They portray a couple who move to Malibu to flip a beach house. Though all seems fine at first, they soon realize a deranged squatter may ruin their plans and pose a bigger danger.

Director Martin Guigui describes the movie as a “super fun throwback thriller”, a little tongue in cheek. “Paradise Cove” mimics 90s suspense movies, while at the same time winking at all the regular tropes.

Guigui is an Argentinian award-winning composer and filmmaker. His previous works include Changing Hearts, Swing, and The Bronx Bull. Suvari herself is no stranger to horror and thrillers. She recently starred in the critically acclaimed TV show “American Horror Story” as Elizabeth Short, better known as The Black Dahlia.

Greek-Estonian actress Suvari is currently pregnant with husband Michael Hope. The lovely couple is expecting a baby in the spring of 2021.

You can watch the full trailer for “Paradise Cove”, also starring Kristin Bauer van Straten below:

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