Europe Greek Tycoon and His Family Vanish, Leaving Stately Mansion Frozen in Time

Greek Tycoon and His Family Vanish, Leaving Stately Mansion Frozen in Time

Credit: Triangle News

A mysteriously abandoned mansion in England left frozen in time with a Bentley in the driveway belonged to a Greek tycoon who vanished with his family, it emerged on Thursday.

Property millionaire Athanasios Tachmintzis, 70, lived in the huge house near King’s Langley, Hertfordshire, before disappearing more than three years ago.

According to MailOnline, villagers said the father of five had lived there for approximately 18 years before suddenly vanishing.

A Bentley automobile has been left to rust in the driveway of the abandoned mansion. Photo Credit: Triangle News

They said Tachmintzis had lived there with his daughters and at least one of his sons.

In the bathroom, half-empty bottles of shampoo stand beside a Jacuzzi. Photo Credit: Triangle News

Tachmintzis’ wife, Sharon, who was born in North Wales, died at age 52 in 2004. The couple had been married for 32 years and had three sons, Alexis, 43; Nicholas, 41; and 36-year-old Paul. They had two daughters, Kristiana, 34, and Alicia, 28.

Racks full of designer clothes stand in one of the rooms; the owners left without even taking returned dry cleaning out of its bag. Photo Credit: Triangle News

Pictures emerged on Monday showing the faded glory of the abandoned mansion, which has been left to deteriorate after the owners seemingly left in a hurry, perhaps even in the middle of the night.

Neighbors have wondered what caused the Tachmintzis family to flee the house, leaving furniture, ornaments, designer clothes — and even an unfinished game of snooker.

Photo Credit: Triangle News

A wristwatch, standing still in time, was seen on a bedside table, while designer clothes bearing the labels Yves St. Laurent, Gucci and Louis Vuitton were stacked up on rails in a bedroom.

Empty fish tanks were left lined up in a hallway – while a dishwasher stacked with plates had not even been unloaded in the beautiful stone mansion.

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