entertainment Fashion Greece's Temple of Poseidon to Host First-Ever Catwalk Show

Greece's Temple of Poseidon to Host First-Ever Catwalk Show

Greek fashion designer Mary Katrantzou will soon stage a fashion show at the Temple of Poseidon in Greece. The event, which will take place on October 3, will be a showcase for Katrantzou’s Spring/Summer 2020 fashion collection, making her the first designer to stage a catwalk at the ancient Greek monument.
But all the proceeds will go to an important children’s charity in Greece.
The Temple of Poseidon is just one hour away from Athens, and is situated atop the imposing cliffs of Cape Sounion. It is a stunningly beautiful, iconic spot which is known for serving as the backdrop to some of the country’s most enchanting sunset views.
The temple and its entire surrounding area have long been protected by the Greek authorities as a site of enormous national historical value.
The fashion event, which received approval in mid-July by the Central Archaeological Council at the request of the Greek charity Elpida, will serve as a fundraiser for the charity, which helps children who are suffering from cancer.
“To be able to use something that is a gift to your country and to use it like this validates and justifies an application,” Katrantzou explained to Harper’s Bazaar, the American women’s fashion magazine.
“I wanted to do a show dedicated to that location. You can use a location that belongs to your country for a great cause that helps people from your country,” she added.
Katrantzou’s collection itself is inspired by the setting of the Temple at Sounion, and by the nation of Greece in general. Katrantzou said the biggest influences her home country had on her is the art of story-telling, and its mindset.
“It’s in my thinking,” she says. “My collections aren’t ever about an era or muse… The image itself is not what’s Greek – my aesthetic isn’t what you’d call traditionally Greek, but what is very Greek is my sense of balance and harmony, and the importance of a narrative.”
“Story-telling and finding the meaning behind an inspiration is the most Greek part of my foundation,” the fashion designer explained.

Greek fashion designer Mary Katrantzou. Source: Wikipedia

“This show is so meaningful for me because I’m bringing many different elements together – it’s not just about designing clothes, it’s about communicating the values of my country,” she says.
“It’s giving my guests the opportunity to look at a part of my country that they might never have seen before, and doing it for a charity is a way to give back when, as an independent brand, you can’t do it on a level of personal donations,” she states.
“Us being able to raise money through ticketing the show will meaningfully support the research,” Katrantzou added.
Mary Katrantzou’s Autumn / Winter 2018 collection. Source: Harper’s Bazaar.

Mary Katrantzou’s Autumn / Winter 2018 collection. Source: Harper’s Bazaar.

Historically-inspired outfit from Mary Katrantzou’s Autumn/Winter 2018 collection. Source: Harper’s Bazaar Magazine.

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