Europe Venice Film Festival to Honor Costa-Gavras

Venice Film Festival to Honor Costa-Gavras

Greek filmmaker Costa-Gavras. File photo

It was announced recently that the 76th International Film Festival of Venice will honor the Greek-French director Costa-Gavras with its ”Glory to the Filmmaker Prize” on August 31.

Costa-Gavras will receive this prestigious award for his latest film, titled ”Adults in the Room,” which is a cinema adaptation of a recent book written by former Greek Finance Minister Yianis Varoufakis.

The book recounts Varoufakis’ memories of the six-month-long negotiations between Greece and the EU, at the peak of Greece’s debt crisis in 2015, just after the new, left-wing SYRIZA party came into power.

Costa-Gavras is an internationally-acclaimed filmmaker from Greece who first earned international recognition for making films with overtly political themes, including the famous Oscar-winning film “Z,” from 1969.

This year’s Venice International Film Festival will be held in the beautiful Italian city between August 28 and September 7.

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