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The 5 Most Beautiful Places to Walk in Athens

Sometimes, our daily routine prevents us from understanding and admiring the beauty that surrounds us.
Stressful jobs, work or family obligations along with the city’s rush all hide the beauty of places we already know or even live.
But if we relax for a moment and think again, we will understand that Athens, a city of nearly four million people, hides some spots that if seen and enjoyed properly, offers calmness and beauty at its best.
So, let’s see five of the most beautiful places to go for a walk in Athens:

If you miss the Aegean wind or the white-washed buildings decorated with colorful Mediterranean flowers, then Anafiotika is the place you need to visit.
It is like being in Cyclades without actually being there — Anafiotika offers the best island-like experience right in the middle of the Greek capital.
Full of beautiful corners, benches and steps, you will find yourself transported to a different world, just a few hundreds of meters away from the busy Athenian center.

Starting from the edge of Peiraki and going all the way up to Castella’s hill, this path will give you a sensation of calmness and beauty.
With a background comprised by the rocks of Peiraiki and the yachts of Zea’s marina, an evening stroll at Peiraki promises to make you want to visit it again.

Full of life when the sun sets, Psyrri is the place-to-be if you like small traditional and alternative bars, pubs and wine-taverns — all which will definitely make you fall in love with the Athenian atmosphere.
Students, musicians, locals and tourists, all blend together creating an idyllic buzz of quality night-life.

Zappeio – National Garden
Ideal for couples of families with children and dogs, the path that connects the national garden with Zappeio promises to give you the impression that you are far away in the woods and not just a few meters from Athens’ main square and Parliament building.
Ponds, flowers and birds all blend together to offer a true escape from the busy every-day life of the big city.

Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center (SNFCC)
One of the new must-see places of Athens is the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center. A donation from the homonym foundation, SNFCC offers one of the best paths to take a stroll, right next to the man-made canal and between the countless plants of the Mediterranean garden that surrounds.
If you have the time to spend some time at the cultural center, SNFCC offers many events for unique artistic presentations, performances, and cultural entertainment for every age.

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