Ancient Greece 'Oldest' Record of Homer's Greek Odyssey Unearthed at Olympia

'Oldest' Record of Homer's Greek Odyssey Unearthed at Olympia

A clay tablet with an engraved inscription is the “oldest extant” record of Homer’s Odyssey, experts are saying.
It was discovered after three years of excavations at the archaeological site of Ancient Olympia and has been shown to preserve 13 verses of a rhapsody from the Greek epic.
According to a culture ministry announcement on Tuesday, initial estimates date the tablet to the Roman era, possibly before the 3rd century AD.
If the preliminary estimate of its age is confirmed then “the clay tablet would preserve perhaps the oldest extant written excerpt of the Homeric Epics that has been found, which besides its uniqueness is also a very important archaeological, literary and historical record”.
(Source: AMNA)

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