6 Reasons to Visit the Magical City of Xanthi

The northern city of Xanthi is one of the most underrated places in Greece. This beautiful destination has the biggest and best-preserved Old Cities in the country, and has also been influenced by many different cultures in its past, evident in its architecture, lifestyle, and diversity.
If Xanthi isn’t on your bucket list yet, here are 6 reasons why you should visit the magical city of Xanthi.
Explore the Old City
Xanthi Old Town
Xanthi has one of the best preserved old cities in the country, and the largest, with over 1,200 classic buildings classified as landmarks. The buildings have been standing since the early 19th century, and the alleys and streets between them are mostly pedestrianized. Discover charming shops, restaurants, and coffee shops throughout the Old City (Παλιἀ Πὀλη).
Stay in 1905, the Old House of an Ottoman Pasa
Get a taste of Xanthi’s history with a stay at 1905 Boutique Hotel, which was recently opened in the old, Bell Epoque era house of an Ottoman Pasha. Sleep in one of the hotel’s six suites, which bear the original wall decor and murals, and dine in the top-rated restaurant downstairs. Modern amenities are also available in the form of free Wi-Fi, plasma TVs and luxurious bathrobes and slippers. Best of all, you are right in the center of the Old City, and just a few minutes’ walk from Xanthi Clock Tower. Visit the hotel’s website.
Experience Xanthi’s Lively Nightlife
12496112_927233610678219_1931050468422304049_oOutsiders may not know that in addition to being a historic city, Xanthi is also a large college town. Thanks in part to the student population, the nightlife scene in Xanthi rarely slows down before dawn on the weekends. Check out Dili Dili, or if you’re looking for something a little more intense, visit My Club.
Walk Along the Walkway of Life (Το Μονοπἀτι της Ζωἠς)
Monopati tis Zois
This walkway is a recent project established by the side of Xanthi’s River, perfect for a weekend stroll or morning hike. Marvel at Xanthi’s natural beauty, and stop for a rest along the way to gaze at the cool river and mountain backdrop.
See One of the Most Multicultural Cities in Greece
Xanthi has a sizable Muslim population of Turkish origin, as well as many Roma Gypsies. Throughout the city you will see both beautiful churches and mosques, as well as Turkish influences in the city’s buildings.
Walk Through the Huge Weekly Bazaar
Xanthi Bazaar
Every Saturday, Xanthi is home to a huge, colorful bazaar with plenty of stalls selling anything you may need. It is the largest open-air market in all of Greece, and definitely worth a visit on your trip there.

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