Greek News Crime Greek State Employees and 57 Companies Engulfed in Latest Corruption Scandal

Greek State Employees and 57 Companies Engulfed in Latest Corruption Scandal

greek_finance_ministryA high-ranking official of Greece’s General Accounting Office has been charged for illegally making the Greek state a guarantor to 57 businesses in Northern Greece that were facing financial challenges.
The prosecutor’s investigation has found that this employee signed off on requests for the Greek state to act as a guarantor for these companies, Kathimerini newspaper reports. A law that had been ratified in 2006 allowed for the Greek state to provide such a guarantee to businesses that request it only after the said request has been examined and approved by an 11 member committee. The accused official reportedly completely bypassed this committee and even provided guarantees to companies that had not submitted a request.
The total worth of the guarantees the official signed off on amounts to 94 million euros. 34 of the 57 companies collapsed due to their creditors’ demands, according to Kathimerini, and the Greek state has already paid 1,201,429 euros for these failed companies.
Aside from the official, a General Accounting Office employee that is accused of assisting in the official’s ploy has been charged as have been the 57 business men for inciting the crime.

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