Alexis Georgoulis Talks About Filming on the Island of Corfu and the New Movie Marionetes

We spoke with Greek actor Alexis Georgoulis who is starring in “The Durrells,” the new series of the British iTV channel, currently being filmed on the Ionian Island of Corfu, Greece.
Originally from the small village of Agiocampos in Larissa, Greece, Alexis Georgoulis is not only one of the most familiar Greek faces in Greece, but also in Hollywood. This year the famous actor took a break from Hollywood, where he was living for the last five years to come back to his homeland for “The Durrells.”
We spotted him at his favorite sanctuary on Corfu, the Grecotel Imperial Hotel in Dassia where he likes to relax after his busy production schedule. He talked with us about filming on the island, his favorite spots as well as his new highly anticipated movie “Marionetes,” set to premiere on October 29th in Greece.
Tell us about “The Durrells…”
I found the plot of this TV Series to be very interesting before I signed on. The family who serves as the main protagonists of the series actually leave England to live in Corfu in 1935. The series is definitely a fun period piece for anyone to watch, sort of Downtown Abbey inspired, but better, I think. The family [mother and children] leave England because of economic and financial issues they encounter when the mother [Louisa] becomes a widow and has to find a way to survive without her husband while raising four children. She sets her heart on moving to Corfu.
What is your role in the series?
I play a taxi driver in Corfu that meets with this family. Spiros, my character, serves as the “Mr. fix it guy” for them, because he knows everyone on the island and he likes British people. He is also the comedic relief and help to the family, much more than just a taxi driver. I support Spiros and all his quirks which the viewer will see while watching him. For me you must be on the side of your character, most people doing [acting] wrong do not realize this.

Alexis Georgoulis as Spiros in the “The Durrells”

What is the most difficult part of being on location?
The most difficult part is moving a lot to get to shooting locations. I am not complaining but sometimes it is hard. So it is nice when you have time to get in some fun and a great place to rest your head.
How was your experience staying at the Grecotel Imperial hotel?
The experience is very nice, and whenever I stay there I always have a great time. I was very relaxed throughout my entire stay and can’t wait till the next time I have an opportunity to stay there. The atmosphere, scenery and staff was unbelievable, like all the people of Corfu are, very lovable. The peace and serenity I felt there is unmatched and this is very important for me with my current filming schedule.
The Grecotel Corfu Imperial

What are a few things you would recommend to somebody to absolutely not miss while on Corfu?
What is not to be missed is the Palaiokastritsa Bay, its waters have some of the most amazing colors I have seen in my life. Also, having dinner at Marina’s Tavern in the old city center and a drink at Bristol is a must. And of course paying a visit to Saint Spyridon church, the most sacred site on Corfu is something not to be missed.
We’ve heard a lot about your new movie “Marionettes,” what should the audience expect?
As always, we strive in films to create a good entertainment experience for the viewer, as well as produce an artistic result. The movie is a thriller about a journalist who returns to a dark, virtually unrecognizable Athens to investigate his best friend’s murder. The victim’s girlfriend gives him a hand but they soon realize they either have to abandon their investigation or become cogs in a powerful machine. Marionetes is a story of mystery, shot in an unknown, dark and full of temptations Athens. The film will hit theaters October 29 and we hope that people will go see it and have a great time.
Watch the trailer of Marionettes below:


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