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Greek Island Sailing: Reasons to Charter With Captain Cliff

Fishing boats at the coast of Zakynthos, GreeceBy Cliff Blaylock
Captain Cliff Blaylock of Deep Blue Yachting, explains why chartering a yacht is an unbeatable way of experiencing the Greek Islands.
It’s a good feeling, to wake up in the warmth of the Greece’s rising sun. Just warm enough to tempt you out of bed, just not so hot as to have kept you from a peaceful slumber the night before. You walk out of your room, not to a crowded hallway in the suburbs, but into a wooden boat deck, with the glittering blue Mediterranean there to greet you. Beyond, the sun is just tilting its head above the horizon and into the perfect blue skies above. Behind sits the serene little harbor of a quaint Greek Island village. Your mind fills with thoughts of the night before, wandering through the quiet streets of this traditional slice of Greek heaven, followed by wine on the deck with good conversation and a sky full of stars. Today is a new and exciting day, today you sail for a new island, with new beauty, sights and adventure. Today is a day just like any other day, when you sail with me and my yacht, the Glaros.
Sailing The Greek Islands
It’s not something many would immediately consider when looking for a getaway to the Greek Islands, but sailing is by far and away the best way to experience this pristine little corner of Europe. It casts aside certain limitations, opens more than a handful of doors and offers up memories that can last a lifetime.
Freedom – Getting around on the islands is simple enough, many of the larger islands have well maintained roads and the smaller ones will at least have some form of dirt or stone pathways. However, getting between them can be tricky. Obviously, cars are a no-go for this one, unless you happen to have to have an amphibious one. Ferries seem to be the next logical step, but only if you are traveling between the larger islands and mainland locations. Island hopping via ferry is notoriously tricky in Greece, especially if you want to avoid the highly populated areas in favor of smaller, less touristy routes. Planes are also available, but again, only between large islands such as Zante and Crete, and mainland airports. To get a real taste of Greece then, you need a boat of your own. There aren’t many islands in Greece that are so far out of the way that they are more than a morning’s sailing away from their neighbor, making it simple to hop between them daily, and see new sights and sounds as and when you please.
Island Thassopoula , near Thasos island, in Aegean sea  GreecePrivacy – Your typical Greek Island holiday, consisting of a hotel room and a towel on the beach, is usually swamped with people. Sometimes noisy, obnoxious and in-the-way, causing queues and taking the last deckchair. Holidays can be a great way of meeting new people and making lifelong friendships, but sometimes, when you want to spend time with loved ones or just relax by the ocean, you just wish all those people would just disappear. Luckily, on a charter sailboat, they will; off into the distance as you sail away. Aboard a privately chartered yacht, the only people on the boat are the ones you brought with you. It could be an entire family, or just a couple of lovebirds. Either way, there’s no hordes of tourists coming between you and the perfect Greek Island holiday.
Undiscovered Worlds – There are many symbols in modern-western cultures of great success and wealth; a nice car, big house or fancy boat. But, one thing held in higher esteem than all others is that home of the super-rich: a private island. Your own piece of the world not bordered by anything other than the ocean. While we can’t offer you a private island of your own, we can offer you the experience of one. There are thousands of Greek Islands sat around the coast, however, only around two-hundred are inhabited. That means there are a lot of islands out there without anybody calling them home. Anchoring up in a sheltered bay, you can travel to shore to explore them or simply bask in the beautiful isolation these places offer. Ever dreamed of sitting on luxurious Mediterranean beach, with nobody around for miles? Sailing around the islands of Greece, you can turn that dream into a memory.
We Do All The Work – All of the things listed above are great, but unless you are an experienced sailor, you’ll have no chance of succeeding by going it alone. This is where chartering the Glaros comes in. Aboard the yacht, you’ll be taken care of by a small crew of trained individuals who will do everything from chartering courses and piloting the vessel, the providing food, maintaining the boat and performing housekeeping tasks. Sailing with a charter then, allows you to combine two of the best parts of a holiday, discovering new places and not having to lift a finger.
The Cherry On Top
As fully qualified, professional diver, I can offer opportunities to traverse the great underwater kingdom of Greece. Be it through diving or snorkeling, my time working as a scuba instructor around the Ionian islands has taught me how to find the most exotic creatures, where the best wrecks are and what locations are the most abundant with undersea life. We offer the perfect chance for both experienced divers and beginners, to see and experience a world not usually seen by human eyes.

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