Greek News Art 'Myths 2015': Greek Jewellery Exhibition in Germany

‘Myths 2015’: Greek Jewellery Exhibition in Germany

Heleni Siousti,  "Rodakes" ("Ρόδακες"),  Ρhoto credit: Matina Zigra
Heleni Siousti,
“Rodakes” (“Ρόδακες”),
Ρhoto credit: Matina Zigra

Munich’s cultural menu will open our eyes to a whole new world of artistic awesomeness during “Schmuck”-Munich Jewellery Week 2015. With the city of Munich hosting one of the eldest contemporary jewellery exhibitions in the world since 1959, this special event attracts thousands of international jewellery makers, dealers and collectors from Germany and abroad every year during the International Trade Fair in March.

With plenty of artwork to admire, the seven-day art soiree, beginning on March 11, can be a dashing prospect for Greek myth lovers. Greek visual artist Loukia Richards and German sculptor Christoph Ziegler, using art as a common ground communication tool, are the organizers of Mythen/Myths 2015 during “Schmuck”-Munich Jewellery Week.

In this exhibition, Greek artists Katerina Glyka, Christina Karababa, Anna Kitsou, Maro Kornilaki, Yakinthi Oikonomou, Heleni Siousti, Margarita Skokou, Eleftheria Spantidaki, Systemalab, Konstantina Tzavidopoulou, Marianna Tzouti, Sofia Zarari and Loukia Richards, offering their jewellery creations as a visual medium, propose a unique interpretation of Greek culture.

The artists aim to show that Greek myths are an inexhaustible source of inspiration, illuminating critical human issues and answering questions of today’s world. All jewellery themes come from personal experiences, thoughts and impulses from their life in modern Greece, while the motivation of all thirteen Greek artists is to show that Greece can create daring and forward-looking art despite the financial crisis.

All exhibits can be found inside a dreamy maze made by Ziegler and will harmoniously coexist with daily happenings concerning Greek myths. Due to the limited number of physical exhibits hosted by the Weltraum Gallery, there is an online art jewellery exhibition, setting the virtual stage for other Greek artists who are also exploring the concept of Greek Myths.


Myths/Mythen 2015
Exhibition concept: Loukia Richards
Exhibition Design & Visual Communication: Christoph Ziegler
Galllery Weltraum
March 11 through March 17
Facebook: Mythen/Myths

Sofia Zarari,  "Chronos", 2013, Photo credit: Myrto Koutoul
Sofia Zarari,
“Chronos” (“Χρόνος”), 2013,
Photo credit: Myrto Koutoulia

Anna Kitsou "Κυκλικός χρόνος", 2012, Ρhoto credit: Giannis Seferos
Anna Kitsou
“Kyklikos Chronos” (“Κυκλικός χρόνος”), 2012,
Ρhoto credit: Giannis Seferos

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